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[New Age] Various Artists - Martial Arts Music for Physical Fitness (1998-2001) (3CD) [WAV]

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Martial Arts Music for Physical Fitness (健身音乐系列) (1998-2001) (3CD)
| WAV+CUE | 891MB | New Age, Meditaive, Instrumental | Wind Music |
Gong-fu has long been regarded by the Chinese as a form of exercise and temperament cultivation. The art of Gong-Fu is philosophically combined with the theory of Yin Yang. This is due to its function to circulate the flow of Qi and blood through breathing and through body movements. The coordination between breathing and body motions required during the practice of Gong-fu is enhanced through this music series, which was developed to accompany the movements. The music leads the practitioners into an improved state of calmness and concentration which soothes the body and invigorate the spirit, thus providing an excellent environment for Gong-fu practice.

TCD-3163 - Zhan-Zhuang Gong Music - Martial Arts Music for Physical Fitness (站桩) (1998)
Take a little more than half an hour to reap the benefits from a simple traditional martial arts practice by just remaining still. Zhan-zhuang Gong (or maintaining a still posture), was originally used by martial arts masters to strengthen their sinews. It was then found that the practice benefits one's body and mental well-being to a significant degree. Now it is widely accepted as a simple method for a better physical and mental fitness. This CD is of great help for those who would like to improve their health by practicing posture-maintaining. The soothing music itself can be played to create an atmosphere of calmness without any purpose.
01 - 聚气如溪 Gathering Qi ...11:08
02 - 百脉归海 Flowing into the Sea ...10:37
03 - 崇山挺拔 The Towering Mountains ...11:07
04 - 幽谷藏精 Inside the Valley ...10:26

TCD-3164 - Ba-Duan-Jin Music - Martial Arts Music for Physical Fitness (八段锦) (1998)
So named because of its eight-part movements, Ba-duan-jin is a traditional style of martial arts dedicated exclusively to the enhancement of personal well-being. This exercise is easy to learn, yet it can work wonders for a stiff neck and shoulders and an unbalanced system of inner organs. For this very reason, it enjoys a popularity among the Chinese people since as long ago as the Shui (581 - 618 A. D.) and Tang (618 - 907 A. D.) dynasties. The renowned producer WANG Xu-dong makes three parts of music for the three styles of Ba-duan-jin: regular, sitting, and reclining styles. Exercising with the accompanying music is an enjoyment itself. The smoothly running melody will lead you through the exercise in a more enjoyable way; it sure will make the road to fitness much easier for you.
01 - 引子 Preparatory ...3:15
02 - 立式八段锦之快意 Regular Style, Part1 ...5:36
03 - 立式八段锦之畅然 Regular Style, Part2 ...6:37
04 - 立式八段锦之圆融 Regular Style, Part3 ...7:39
05 - 坐式八段锦 Sitting Style ...9:43
06 - 臥式八段锦 Reclining Style ...6:19

TCD-3168 - Zhao Xi - Music For Chinese Martial Arts - Gong Fu (功夫) (2001)
01 - 功夫 Gong Fu ...5:25
02 - 太极 Circle Of Tai Chi ...3:33
03 - 精气神 Mind ...8:07
04 - 江湖 The World Of Swordsmen ...4:12
05 - 少林 Shao Lin ...8:00
06 - 英雄 Hero ...6:30
07 - 剑气 Sword's Chi ...3:03
08 - 侠心 The Spirit Of Chivalry ...7:53
09 - 天人合一 Unity of Universe and Human ...4:50

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