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[Oboe] Zheng Shijie - Reading Music - Classical Oboe (典雅双簧管) (2000) [WAV]

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Zheng Shijie - Reading Music - Classical Oboe (典雅双簧管)
| WAV+CUE | 425MB | Oboe/Easy Listening/Instrumental | 2000 |
The Oboe is a family of double reed woodwind musical instruments. The most commonly used variant, the standard oboe, plays in the treble or soprano range. It is made from a wooden tube roughly 65 cm (25½ inches) long, with metal keys, a conical bore and flared bell. Sound is produced by blowing into the reed and vibrating a column of air. The distinctive oboe tone is versatile, and has been described as "bright". When the term oboe is used alone, it is generally taken to mean the standard treble instrument.
The regular oboe first appeared in the mid-17th century, when it was called hautbois. The hautbois quickly spread throughout Europe, including England, where it was called "hautboy", "hoboy", "hautboit", "howboye", and similar variants of the French name. (Wikipedia)


01.独角戏 One-Man Show
Độc Giác Hí
02.狼 Wolf
03.你那里下雪了吗 Have Your Place Snow
Nễ Na Lý Hạ Tuyết Liễu Mạ
04.选择 Choice
Tuyển Trạch
05.偏偏喜欢你 Just Like You
Thiên Thiên Hỉ Hoan Nễ
06.亲密爱人 Intimate Lover
Thân Mật Ái Nhân
07.心灵之约 Meet By Heart
Tâm Linh Chi Ước
08.有一点动心 Sexually Aroused A Little
Hữu Nhất Điểm Động Tâm
09.越吻越伤心 The More Kiss The More Sad
Việt Vẫn Việt Thương Tâm
10.爱情的故事 Love Story
Ái Tình Đích Cố Sự
11.原来你什么都不想要 You Want Nothing In Fact
Nguyên Lai Nễ Thậm Yêu Đô Bất Tưởng Yếu
12.沉默是金 Golden Silent
Trầm Mặc Thị Kim
13.想你想疯了 Crazy For Miss You
Tưởng Nễ Tưởng Phong Liễu
14.我是一片云 I'm A Piece Of Cloud
Ngã Thị Nhất Phiến Vân
15.永远的恋人 Lover Forever
Vĩnh Viễn Đích Luyến Nhân

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