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[New Age] VA - Crystal Innocence (清心白水晶 Thanh Tâm Bạch Thủy Tinh) (1999) [APE]

Posted by Trung Tue on Mar 2, 2010 with 1 Comments
VA - Crystal Innocence (清心白水晶 Thanh Tâm Bạch Thủy Tinh)
| APE+CUE | 216 MB | New Age | Instrumental | 1999 |
The Insights of White Crystal. Back to the World of Innocence. The truest color is No-color. The truest knowledge is Innocence. The truest desire is Love. It's time to get back Home. It's time to get back to the world of Crystal Innocence, Where less is more, silence is music, and music brings you joyous silence of the heart.

Producer:WANG Sheng-di (王森地)

1  清心 Reflection 
Thanh Tâm  
2  白雪 Inside of Snowflakes 
Bạch Tuyết  
3  寂静外 Crystal Insights
Tịch Tĩnh Ngoại  
4  冰舞 Borrowed from the Rainbow
Băng Vũ  
5  发现白水晶 Mining the White Crystal 
Phát Hiện Bạch Thủy Tinh  
6  音符 Footsteps on the Snow
Âm Phù  
7  邀乐 Innocent Communication 
Yêu Lạc  
8  无声之歌 Clear Future
Vô Thanh Chi Ca

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