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[New Age] VA - Sacred Spa Music Series - Touching Beauty (1999) [APE]

Posted by Trung Tue on Jul 4, 2010 with 0 Comments
VA - Sacred Spa Music Series - Touching Beauty (1999)
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"Touched by beauty we are changed. With the gasp of breath as we recognize beauty, a place deep within us is touched. This collection of original compositions touches beauty, and that place deep within."

Soothing, soft, relaxing, pleasant. A sound the mellows you. Allows you to calm down, relax, enjoy. Music that floats gently over you, enveloping you without suffocating you.

1. Little Moritz by Bernward Koch 3:03
2. Song for Sarah by Michael HoppÈ 3:03
3. Through the Arbor by Kevin Kern 3:45
4. Secret Dreams I by Michel Rubini 3:19
5. Kuan Yin by Troika 5:22
6. Morfa Bychan by Huw Warren 4:26
7. K'un (Earth) by Frank Steiner, Jr.3:56
8. Summer of 300 Years by 2002 5:24
9. Before Night Falls by Bernard L'hoir 3:37
10. Long Way by Bernward Koch 4:11
11. Unspoken Words by Hiko 2:58
12. Seventh Ray by Tim Wheater 4:49
13. White Shadow by Back to Earth 1:25

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