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[New Age, Meditative] Ron Korb - Flute Traveller (1994) [FLAC]

Posted by TUE on Nov 6, 2010 with 1 Comments
Ron Korb - Flute Traveller (1994)
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Travel with Ron Korb on a world tour of flute music on Flute Traveler. Korb has assembled a fascinating collection of original pieces played on flutes from a dozen different countries. It's amazing how the simple technology of the flute can be recreated in so many different ways and how Korb can find a voice for each. The pieces are written in a manner that reflects each flute's country of origin, including a Chilean ocarina, Japanese shinobue, Chinese ryuteki and Moroccan fipple flute. Korb's beautiful and simple solo improvisations explore the richest tonal qualities of all the instruments.

Ron Korb is a Canadian flautist, composer, songwriter, and record producer, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is also known as Dragon Flute (龍笛) in China, Thunder Blessing (雷恩寇伯) in Taiwan and Prince of Flutes (fluto no kikoshi) in Japan.

Korb is known for writing culturally diverse music and his mastery of a wide array of world music wind instruments. His work spans a range of genres including Classical, Jazz, Latin, Asian, Celtic music, and Middle Eastern. Many of his songs are program music based on stories themes that form concept albums. The concepts often come from his exploration of his multi-cultural ancestry and extensive travel experience.

Ron Korb has released 30 solo albums in 20 countries on various record labels. He has also guested on recordings by many renowned artists such as Olivia Newton John, Liona Boyd, Mychael Danna, Renaissance (band), Jim McCarty, Illusion (UK band), and the World Youth Day recording for Pope John Paul. (Wikipedia)

01 - Flute Traveller (Alto Flute) ...02:20
02 - Morning Prayer (North Indian Bansuri) ...03:52
03 - Song Of Sunda (Javanesse Suling) ...04:47
04 - Mountain Spirit (Chinese Ba Wu) ...03:41
05 - Kotori (Little Bird) (Japanese Shinobue) ...02:21
06 - Cry Of The Dragon (Japanese Ryuteki) ...04:41
07 - Man Jiang Hong (Chinese Di Tzu) ...01:37
08 - Canyon Echo (Native American Flute) ...04:02
09 - Rain Forest (Chilean Ocarina) ...03:30
10 - Ghost Of Palenque (Mayan Clay Recorder) ...02:41
11 - Andean Nocturne (Bolivian Mocheno) ...02:59
12 - Love Song (Native American Flute) ...03:14
13 - Shepherd's Hymn (Romanian Panpipes) ...01:52
14 - Eagle Dance (Moroccan Fipple Flute) ...04:09
15 - Emerald (Irish Porcelain Flute) ...03:09
16 - Sanctus (Silver Flute) ...03:04

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