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[Meditative] Su Yi (苏一) - Guan Xin Zi Zai (观心·自在) (2016) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Jul 11, 2022 with 0 Comments
Su Yi (苏一) - Guan Xin Zi Zai (观心·自在)
| WAV+CUE | 268MB | New Age, Meditative, Instrumental | Full Covers | 2016 |
Su Yi's new album, "观心·自在," features original music created and performed by talented young composers and musicians such as Su Yi, Bian Ge, and Zhang Ke. The primary instruments are the flute, xiao, qin, and zither, producing a delicate and natural sound that is refreshingly unique. Su Yi approaches life, creativity, music, and ideals with a pure, selfless mindset, continuously pushing his boundaries and creating a more authentic self, which defines the purity of "Su Yi" today. He no longer chases after anything or desires more; he has found his soul’s belonging in the present moment. Su Yi's work always reveals the true essence of life.

"观心·自在" features Zen music that is simple and transcendent, serene and refreshing. The gentle piano melodies exude an air of seclusion, complemented by the delicate tones of the flute and xiao, creating an ambiance of tranquility and subtlety, reminiscent of Chinese ink wash paintings. The music guides the listener into an infinite realm of goodness, evoking present-moment awareness, joy, and freedom. In the passage of time and moments of reflection, one realizes that "life itself is a practice."

With a piece of Zen music and a cup of tea, find peace, touch your soul, and pause to appreciate the scenery often missed in the rush of life. You will surely enjoy Su Yi's Zen music, fall in love with his pure and transcendent notes, and be transported into a mystical and ethereal musical world as you listen with closed eyes. This experience is wonderfully unique, flowing like clouds and water, leaving you feeling clear and enlightened.

01 - 入德之门 Ru De Zhi Men ...4:23
Nhập Đức Chi Môn
02 - 游子念母 You Zi Nian Mu ...4:59
Du Tử Niệm Mẫu
03 - 我的莲花 Wo De Lian Hua ...4:19
Ngã Đích Liên Hoa
04 - 春花秋月一场梦 Chun Hua Qiu Yue Yi Chang Meng ...5:38
Xuân Hoa Thu Nguyệt Nhất Tràng Mộng
05 - 于心了然 Yu Xin Liao Ran ...4:01
Ư Tâm Liễu Nhiên
06 - 听禅 Ting Chan ...4:49
Thính Thiền
07 - 观心自在透禅香 Guan Xin Zi Zai Tou Chan Xiang ...5:41
Quan Tâm Tự Tại Thấu Thiền Hương
08 - 止于至善 Zhi Yu Zhi Shan ...3:53
Chỉ Vu Chí Thiện

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