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[Celtic/Pan Flute] John Anderson Orchestra - Pan Pipes Romance Of Ireland (1995) [FLAC]

Posted by TUE on Sep 9, 2011 with 1 Comments
John Anderson Orchestra - Pan Pipes Romance Of Ireland
| FLAC (Tracks) | 363 MB | Celtic/Pan Flute/Instrumental |
| Label: MCA | UPC: 600406000446 | UK | 1995 |

01 - Riverdance
02 - The Lark In The Clear Air
03 - The Meeting Of The Waters
04 - O'Neills March, Rakes Of Mallow
05 - She Moved Through The Fair
06 - Brian Boru's March
07 - Dublin's Fair City
08 - The Cliffs Of Dooneen
09 - Lannigan's Ball, Irish Washer Woman
10 - The Rose Of Tralee
11 - The Star Of The County Down
12 - Endearing Young Charms
13 - How Can I Keep From Singing
14 - The Londonderry Air
15 - The Sally Gardens
16 - Mo Ghile Mear

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    FILE: 16.Mo Ghile Mear.flac
    Size: 22248585 Hash: 45321CE41C3A856607CDA801F07E9DAA Accuracy: -m0
    Conclusion: CDDA 100%
    Signature: D440CFB94B354DA95DA456A3B72A32F72FECA600
    FILE: 15.The Sally Gardens.flac
    Size: 18435134 Hash: 0FBEAD77FCA7FB3312BA7CAAE2151AA7 Accuracy: -m0
    Conclusion: CDDA 85%
    Signature: C00DD4809F4E8E3773DC90B8390CE3C5841F33E3
    FILE: 14.The Londonderry Air.flac
    Size: 30988205 Hash: 6DD0B5855FE0F38C437FC3B2CB8C76BF Accuracy: -m0
    Conclusion: CDDA 100%
    Signature: E26E2667E095886EB6190A3B68F3B2E4BAC44F1D
    FILE: 13.How Can I Keep from Singing_.flac
    Size: 28039258 Hash: E74CFC0C4A46EE3C214C1B67FDA9FD4D Accuracy: -m0
    Conclusion: CDDA 100%
    Signature: 68A0B6ECE4904B8DCD62CA5F25A413648DDC29A4
    FILE: 12.Endearing Young Charms.flac
    Size: 21690971 Hash: 07B0E5E5E75FCCFEEFB2E1B7C2244E3A Accuracy: -m0
    Conclusion: CDDA 100%
    Signature: 61842858B0FC72AEFEF8384DB37B108EEF5DAFE1
    FILE: 11.The Star of the County Down.flac
    Size: 20973332 Hash: 89D0F58DA6DFD63954F2137099F4D9EF Accuracy: -m0
    Conclusion: CDDA 100%
    Signature: 4C0728A022FD7E0DC0B7A15E499E8B71064AE181
    FILE: 10.The Rose of Tralee.flac
    Size: 17235667 Hash: AB7E931DECA5E414E832E30C27FC1836 Accuracy: -m0
    Conclusion: MPEG 89%
    Signature: 0391FD5C1F9A41DE30CDC4F9887A40CFD2BAA920
    FILE: 09.Lannigan's Ball, Irish Washer Woman.flac
    Size: 22737015 Hash: AB308C8A854F1096F6196A477403B244 Accuracy: -m0
    Conclusion: CDDA 100%
    Signature: 9DFAC1C55AF3605B6AC8FF57EE4BD494DD30848B
    FILE: 08.The Cliffs of Dooneen .flac
    Size: 14487120 Hash: 6B60D023CEB1F0D55186B280AFC3D1D5 Accuracy: -m0
    Conclusion: CDDA 99%
    Signature: 51082B321EDE7F6D8420034F1D52F7AF79CDD5AB
    FILE: 07.Dublin's Fair City .flac
    Size: 26155155 Hash: 0431DCC5969A0C97136F8E550C372064 Accuracy: -m0
    Conclusion: CDDA 100%
    Signature: 05726510F04E2E989AE89C7FAED6CEA8760FFFB6
    FILE: 06.Brian Boru's March .flac
    Size: 22360934 Hash: 292BC2F9ABE52792A7AE3BA0AA297F13 Accuracy: -m0
    Conclusion: CDDA 100%
    Signature: 8A2FCE5A5C66695C17B7ACBFF8D03C0EE57BB494
    FILE: 05.She Moved Through the Fair.flac
    Size: 16387808 Hash: 6548F623837F3FFB53686705351D9209 Accuracy: -m0
    Conclusion: CDDA 49%
    Signature: 5699D3820C340B7C029DCD28794DD64BF9A7B891
    FILE: 04.O'Neills March, Rakes Of Mallow.flac
    Size: 22271912 Hash: 0667DFD2FB7116B0999A6DCFACE8C702 Accuracy: -m0
    Conclusion: CDDA 100%
    Signature: 8F331779174E56FED5B40A54D4ECE6BDC0CCB496
    FILE: 03.The Meeting of the Waters.flac
    Size: 28934790 Hash: 25A03D9501B67D20B73930817CFF6CAF Accuracy: -m0
    Conclusion: CDDA 100%
    Signature: 889272E0143F2D2678312D80573597AF6F60981B
    FILE: 02.The Lark in the Clear Air.flac
    Size: 19097416 Hash: 10A20DFA0093FB86128006D0F1F1CBF0 Accuracy: -m0
    Conclusion: CDDA 100%
    Signature: 7CCE5993A67292846B065232D29A4FC863B73463
    FILE: 01.Riverdance.flac
    Size: 35800201 Hash: 827B43E3FC63367D10080C289C2BE2EE Accuracy: -m0
    Conclusion: CDDA 100%
    Signature: BF17FBD7A5A9C3018F2A6D19C2479549B4AF0C94