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[Meditative/New Age] Sayama - Collection (2005-2008) (3CD) [APE]

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Sayama - Collection (2005-2008) (3CD)
| APE+CUE | 909MB | New Age/Meditative/Instrumental |
Sayama is a Japanese term which literally means "sitting on a mountain", and this perfectly expresses the intent of Sayama’s music – to instill the serenity and peace in the listener.

As a child, Sayama had his musical beginnings with the guitar and piano, but as his cultural horizons broadened, he grew well versed in acoustic instruments from all over the world, especially those from the Asian cultures. In his music you may find Tibetan and Japanese Temple Bowls, Shakuhachi & Koto, Dizi & Bansuri Flutes, Gu-Cheng, Overtone Singing, Gongs and various Asian percussion instruments.

After having worked with physically and mentally handicapped children and adults as music therapist for some years, Sayama began building up his own studio in the early 1990’s. His intention was to produce life-positive and energetic music, which gives the listener aesthetic and sensual moments of relaxation, as well accompanying therapeutic work and meditation by creating a supportive ambience.

Sayama has also studied and practiced holistic forms of meditation and energy work (T’ai Chi, Qi Gong, Sound Therapy, Aromatherapy) for over 15 years and he regularly gives seminars on these themes.

He currently lives and records his music in the Bavarian Alps near Munich, Germany.

Sayama - Harmony (2008) [APE]
There is a place where all energy gathers and from where all movement harmoniously expands. Sayama has masterfully crafted this album to flow with the qi gong form of modern day Shaolin master Shi Xinggui. Like the seamless sequence itself, this peaceful music will gently energize the body allowing the dust of a busy day to be swept away and replaced by an inner calm, a harmony with all life.
01. A Tradition of Harmony (06:40)
02. Gently Awakening (10:11)
03. Seamless Movement (09:35)
04. The Circle Begins Where the Circle Ends (04:59)
05. Stream of Stillness (10:28)
06. As in Three, So in One (08:50)
07. Centre of the Universe (09:38)

Sayama - Massage - Sacred Healing Waters (2005) [APE]
Body, mind and spirit blossom as one lets go into the gentle flow of sound.
Flowing water winds its way gently, not with force but following the path of least resistance. With patience and persistence, water penetrates the hardest stone. These soothing sounds of flowing water, blended harmoniously together with the breath of bamboo flutes, overtones of Chinese harp, tones of sound bowls and soft gongs, can softly penetrate our resistances, allowing us to gently, gently let go. 01 - Calling The Mind To Stillness
02 - Bowls And Gongs Invoke The Sacred
03 - Caressed By A Gentle Breeze
04 - Through The Mist, The Sage
05 - Joy Of The Water Spirits
06 - Drifting Through Time And Space
07 - Aquae Sulis
08 - Quiet Mind (Reprise Of Calling The Mind To Stillness)

Sayama - Massage - Sacred Healing Touch (2005) [APE]
Chi is breath or vital energy. Like a soft breeze, invisible until we see it ripple the still waters of a pond, chi can be felt but not captured. When chi is strong, our body energy is powerful. Without it, we become like an unfed pond. The body will stagnate.
As children, we naturally have an abundance of chi. We observe young children tumbling, rolling around, bouncing with glee, as though their bones were of rubber, legs eternally powered springs and eyes bright as twinkling stars. In a word, they are full of chi, or vital energy. As our lives mature, it is not the supply of chi that becomes diminished but rather the accumulated layers of stress, pain and disappointment that manifest as blockages in our physical form. We can easily become tight and rigid after years of fending off troubles, rather than aligning with nature, sitting by a stream and blending with the natural course of the water. Not everyone has access to a gently flowing stream but fortunately most of us do have access to both massage and the appropriate music to enhance it.
Through his practice of t’ai chi, qi gong, energy work, feng shui and sound therapy, masterful musician Sayama has meticulously crafted this flow of music to help us relax and free ourselves of accumulated layers of stress that block our flow of chi, or vital energy, thereby enhancing wellness and creativity.
Touch is the essence of massage therapy, which helps the body heal itself and contributes to a greater sense of well-being. Studies have shown that some of the benefits of massage include reduced heart rate, lowered blood pressure, relief from stress, a strengthened immune system, decreases in depression, pain and anxiety and an enhanced capacity for calm thinking and creativity. Music has been demonstrated to provide these benefits as well and is thus a powerful complement to touch, whether it be the therapeutic massage of a professional or the loving, caring touch of a friend or partner.
Experience the touch of the music in quietness or let it beautifully complement and enhance the setting for receiving the caressing touch of another.
01 Expanding The Horizon 10:02
02 Becoming Quiet 09:38
03 A Touch Remembered 09:45
04 Far From Worry 14:47
05 Oneness 15:07

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