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[Folk/Instrumental] Zhou Zhi Hong (周志宏) - The Poems With Flowers (花间集) (2011) [APE]

Posted by TUE on Oct 19, 2011 with 2 Comments
Zhou Zhi Hong - The Poems With Flowers (2011)
| APE+CUE | 325MB | Folk/Instrumental | Label: Asia Records/Taiwan |

专辑英文名:The Poems With Flowers
艺术家: 亚洲唱片 (Asia Records)
音乐类型: 民乐
发行时间: 2011年
编曲 / 录音 Arranger/Recording:  周志宏 Zhou Zhi Hong
大提琴 Cello: 陈主惠 Chen Zhu Hui
吉他  Guitar: 杜俊辉 Du Jun Hui
贝斯 Bass: 洪啟峰 Hong Qi Feng
二胡 Erhu: 杨斯雄 Yang Si Xiong
笛 Flute: 黄治评 Huang Zhi Ping

1. 蝶恋花 Love of Butterfly
2. 自有幽香梦里通 Plum Blossoms In My Dream
3. 魂梦不堪幽怨 Awoke From The Dream
4. 桃花依旧笑春风 Miss Your Smile In Springtime
5. 红杏枝头春意闹 Nothing But Spring Flowers
6. 踏过樱华第几桥 Under The Cherry Blossoms
7. 纔有梅花便不同 Plum Blossoms In Winter Night
8. 花柳两相柔 The Willows With Fallen Flowers
9. 落花风雨更伤春 Fallen Flowers of The Spring
10. 夏雨风荷 Lotus In The Summer Rain & Wind
11. 子规声里驻年光 Rhododendrons In Springtime
12 满树玲瓏雪未乾 Hydrangeas In Moonlit Night

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    1. @Thanh Long Le: Đã úp lại link mới cho 9CD của "Wang Jun-Xiong & Zhou Zhi Hong".