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[Hulusi, Folk] Zhang Wenjun - India And Amorous Feelings - Exotic Love (2013) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on May 21, 2013 with 1 Comments
Zhang Wenjun - India And Amorous Feelings - Exotic Love
Trương Văn Tuấn - Dị Vực Tình Ti - Ấn Ba Phong Tình
| WAV+CUE | 411 MB | Hulusi, Folk, Instrumental | 2013 |
It is played by Zhang Wenjun (张文俊), professor of Yunnan Arts University, educator and performer of Yunnan national wind music and member of Chinese National Orchestral Society.

专辑中文名: 异域情丝-印巴风情
艺术家: 张文俊
音乐类型: 民乐
发行时间: 2013年03月18日

01. 五彩纱丽 Colorful Sari
Ngũ Thải Sa Lệ
02. 泰姬情缘 Love Story Of Taj
Thái Cơ Tình Duyên
03. 妙音天女 Nymph With Stunning Voice
Diệu Âm Thiên Nữ
04. 吉祥天女 Auspicious Nymph-Lakshmi
Cát Tường Thiên Nữ
05. 魔笛舞蛇 Magic Flute Making Snakes Dance
Ma Địch Vũ Xà
06. 热情卡达卡 Enthusiastic Kadarka
07. 爱如莲花 Love As Lotus
Ái Như Liên Hoa
08. 舞火少年 Teenagers Playing Fire
Vũ Hỏa Thiếu Niên
09. 月下浪漫 Romance Under The Moon
Nguyệt Hạ Lãng Mạn
10. 异域爱情 Exotic Love
Dị Vực Ái Tình
11. 情醉宝莱坞 Lost In Bollywood
12. 婆罗多之舞 Bharatanatyam Dance

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