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[New Age, Piano] Raimond Lap - Lovely Pregnancy (2008) (3CD) [FLAC]

Posted by TUE on Jun 21, 2015 with 6 Comments
Raimond Lap - Lovely Pregnancy (2008) [3CD]
Comforting And Relaxing Music For A Healthy Pregnancy
| FLAC (Tracks+Cue) | 561MB | New Age, Piano | RGL Music | Full Covers |
Congratulations, you are expecting a baby, the most precious gift in life.
In the coming period you will need moments of serene rest and relaxation. Lovely Pregnancy offers you a musical experience that will positively influence the development and well-being of your baby. Lovely Pregnancy can become a key element in helping you relax. From three months before birth, your baby will be able to listen to music.

Worldwide, millions of people listen to the music of Raimond Lap, accredited with a double Gold and double Platinum sales. His special way of using harmony, melody and sound contribute to a pleasant, relaxed and comfortable frame of mind for mother and baby. (

Lovely Pregnancy 1
01. Lovely Pregnany Theme 1 [00:04:14]
02. Expecting New Life [00:03:57]
03. Pregnant And Alive [00:03:56]
04. Pregnancy Song [00:04:13]
05. Soothing Pregnancy [00:04:23]
06. Happy Pregnancy [00:04:25]
07. Pregnancy Harmony [00:05:37]
08. Pregnancy Whispers [00:03:12]
09. Pregnancy Wonder [00:05:13]

Lovely Pregnancy 2
01. Lovely Pregnancy Theme 2 [00:03:29]
02. Happy To Be Pregnant [00:05:06]
03. Cherish Pregnancy [00:03:22]
04. Amazing Pregnancy [00:04:05]
05. Melody Pregnancy [00:05:52]
06. Relaxing Pregnancy [00:04:18]
07. Lovely Pregnancy [00:04:15]
08. Pregnant and Relaxed [00:03:23]
09. Comfortable Pregnancy [00:03:56]

Lovely Pregnancy 3
01. Lovely Pregnancy Theme 3 [00:03:58]
02. Miraculous Pregnancy [00:03:44]
03. Precious Pregnancy [00:04:34]
04. Moving Pregnancy [00:03:08]
05. Glad To Be Pregnant [00:03:20]
06. Celebrate Pregnancy [00:03:59]
07. Musical Pregnancy [00:03:23]
08. I Am Pregnant [00:05:02]
09. Peaceful Pregnancy [00:03:45]

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