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[Easy Listening] Ian Malone - Guitar Memories (吉他情怀) (2007) [NRG]

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Ian Malone - Guitar Memories (吉他情怀) (2007)
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There are almost as many guitar music collections on the market today as there are stars in the sky. But producing a top quailty album is a tough task - there are so many considerations the right choice of track is vital, but even more so it is the way in which the music is interpreted and played. We need to know what our audience wants to hear, and how to make our selection satand out from the crowd. The right combination of these criteria is not easy - but it definitely holds the key to success.

For "Guitar Memories" we have to used two accoustic guitars, one doublebass and a variety of percussion instruments to play some wonderful well-quality songs from the 50s to the 70s; including such favorite as "Roses are Red" and "Silence is Golden".

"Guitar Memories" reflects a pure, natural sound, giving the listners of "being there",live, hearing the music exactly as it is in emotion quality and sound. We were looking for a musical balance - not an over-produced sound - to reflect the true "unplugged" nature of the musicians and their instruments.

All the tracks on the album are favourites of Ian Malone, who has both arranged them and led the musicians in the interpretation of these classics.
Because Ian has put so much feelings into the choice and rendition of these songs, we know we share his emotions and want to play this collections time and time again. Our aim was to create a unique album that will become a true favorite among your collections and we believe you will not be disappointed. Listen and delight in this music.

01 - I Love You 因为我爱你 ...2:59
02 - Massachusetts 麻萨诸塞州 ...3:24
03 - Stranger On The Shore 海岸上的陌生人 ...4:13
04 - I Will Follow You 我将跟着你 ...3:36
05 - Summer Kisses Summer Time 夏日的吻 ...3:29
06 - Your Cheating Heart 你欺骗我的心 ...2:50
07 - I Really Don't Know How 我真的不知怎么办 ...3:47
08 - Roses Are Red 红玫瑰 ...3:40
09 - Take Me Home Country Road 光荣一家 ...3:48
10 - I Just Call To Say I Love You 我只告诉你我爱你 ...3:58
11 - I Can't Stop Loving You 不能停止爱你 ...3:21
12 - More Than I Can Say 爱你在心口难开 ...3:51
13 - And I Love You So 我如此爱你 ...4:12
14 - He Will Have To Go 我们一起去 ...3:56
15 - Silence Is Golden 沉默是金 ...3:51
16 - Crying In The Rain 雨中哭泣 ...3:35

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