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[Instrumental] Wang Jun-xiong - Listen To The Rain (听雨) (2014) [WAV]

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Wang Jun-xiong - Listen To The Rain (听雨) (2014)
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专辑中文名: 听雨
专辑英文名:Listen To The Rain
制作人:王俊雄 Evan Wang (Wang Jun-xiong)
唱片编号: 26610

01 - 人生若只如初见 For The First Time ...4:26
02 - 溪雨微微洗客尘 Walking In The Rain ...3:40
03 - 又是一窗灯影、两愁人 Alone Again ...3:32
04 - 春夜喜雨 The Spring Rainy Night ...4:42
05 - 随风逐雨长来往 To Be With You ...4:15
06 - 深山夕照深秋雨 So Far Away ...3:52
07 - 微雨夜来过 After The Rainy Night ...3:49
08 - 梦也何曾到谢桥 Where My Heart Belongs To ...4:13
09 - 淡烟疏雨间斜阳 Misty Sunset ...4:43
10 - 梦裡不知身是客 Somewhere In My Dream ...4:13
11 - 听雨 Listen To The Rain ...3:56
12 - 负你残春泪几行 The Teardrops ...4:36
13 - 疏疏一帘雨 Raindrops Fall ...4:24

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