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[New Age, Piano] Philip Wesley - Beyond Cloud Nine (2016) [FLAC]

Posted by TUE on Oct 1, 2016 with 2 Comments
Philip Wesley - Beyond Cloud Nine (2016)
| FLAC (Tracks) | 242MB | New Age, Piano, Instrumental |
Philip Wesley is a composer and keyboardist who specializes in tender solo piano pieces. His recordings have appeared on various new age streaming and sales charts.

Love in its many aspects is an emotive subject on its own to compose an album about and here Philip Wesley doesn’t only do the subject justice, he creates some stunningly beautiful compositions that will make your heart tremble with sheer joy.
From the very opening refrains of “Falling for You” and into the dreamy and gentle “Sweetest Dream”, Wesley’s performance is perfection personified. The artist also creates great movement and colour for us to literally bathe in, listen to “Firefly Light” and be amazed.

There are few who can lay layer upon layer of music so beautifully as Philip Wesley, but on this his eighth album he has raised that veritable musical bar yet again, take some time in the realm of the title track and enjoy the sensation of music from the heavens, Beyond Cloud Nine is not just a beautiful concept, it is a totally charming opus of musical clarity.

As a listener you will have a few delightful sun kissed moments, with memorable short form compositions like “Summer Fields”, “It’s Always Been You” and the sad, but thoughtful, “Reasons for Leaving”. Your exit piece will be the charming “Ripple Across Time”, a track that contains moments of both light and shade.
Beyond Cloud Nine is a collection of 16 extremely passionate and heart felt compositions, it’s an album that has been put together by an artist that plays with sincerity and love. Philip Wesley has manifested an honest and emotionally stirring release that will transfix you with its beauty and quality performances and is utterly recommended. (Amazon)

01. Falling for You [00:04:05]
02. Sweetest Dream [00:03:09]
03. Firefly Light [00:03:44]
04. Love's Crush [00:05:02]
05. Beyond Cloud Nine [00:03:36]
06. Beneath the Same Sky [00:04:09]
07. Day We Met [00:02:56]
08. In Your Eyes [00:04:26]
09. Dreaming in Color [00:03:58]
10. Summer Fields [00:02:36]
11. Push Pull [00:05:00]
12. Infinite [00:03:47]
13. It's Always Been You [00:02:40]
14. Flutter [00:06:09]
15. Reasons for Leaving [00:01:57]
16. Ripple Across Time [00:02:36]

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  1. Anh ơi. Anh còn album nào của Philip Wesley không ạ. Nếu có anh tổng hợp chia sẻ lên đây giúp em được không. Cảm ơn anh nhiều...

    1. Trong các album của Philip Wesley thì CD trên là dễ nghe nhất, các CD còn lại nghe khá chán (chất lượng file nhạc cũng không tốt lắm) nên mình xóa hết rồi! ^_^