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[Pop] Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - Eternal Singing - Endless Love 14 (2021) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Nov 24, 2023 with 0 Comments
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - Eternal Singing - Endless Love 14
| WAV+CUE | 420MB | Pop Music | Full Covers | 2021 |
| Label: Guangdong Audio & Video Publishing House Co., Ltd. |
What memories do you have stored in your mind? What have you forgotten? Do you still remember that particular year, a specific day when you met someone, or an event you shared? Do you recall a song that deeply moved you? Is there a specific moment, a certain melody that touched your heart? As time passes, there's always a moment when we reminisce about the past and reflect on the passage of time. Classic songs from a certain era can transport you back in time. If you listen carefully, some lyrics can trigger the buttons of memory. Those classic melodies represent the pop culture of their time; these familiar tunes are vessels for everyone's memories.

This album carefully features twelve classic English old songs, beautifully sung by Yao Siting. Each song, whether poetic and melancholic, rainy and wandering, or sunny and bright, such as "The Rose," "A Lover's Concerto," and "A New Day Has Come," allows you to experience the wonderful voice of Yao Siting. With exquisite arrangements, outstanding instrumentation, and meticulous recording, her voice is pure, sweet, and perfectly displayed. The overall style is lyrical, with melodious tunes, and each song begins beautifully, followed by heartfelt and somewhat melancholic singing, accompanied by classic melodies. It's as if she's narrating a series of poignant love stories, leaving you utterly captivated. savoring these twelve songs is like savoring twelve moving moments in life. This album is a classic worth collecting and a beauty worth listening to.

Yao Siting's heartfelt and somewhat melancholic singing, combined with classic melodies, is as if she is interpreting a series of poignant love stories, leaving you intoxicated.

专辑名称:Eternal Singing - Endless Love14 HQII

01 - The Rose (玫瑰) ...4:54
02 - A Love's Concerto (情人的协奏曲) ...3:26
03 - The Maid of Culmore (库尔莫姑娘) ...4:31
04 - A New Day Has Come (新的一天到了) ...5:26
05 - The Home Coming (客从何处来) ...3:46
06 - Que Sera Sera (顺其自然) ...3:27
07 - All Good Things (美好事物) ...5:32
08 - Try (尝试) ...4:03
09 - Away Down the River (顺流而下) ...5:41
10 - You Are My Sunsine (你是我阳光) ...3:39
11 - A Groovy Kind of Love (深深的爱恋) ...3:20
12 - 500 Miles (500里) ...4:28

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