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[Guzheng/Folk] Li Wei (李炜) - Red Cliff Capriccio (赤壁怀古 Xích Bích Hoài Cổ) (2007) [WAV]

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Li Wei (李炜) - Red Cliff Capriccio (赤壁怀古 Xích Bích Hoài Cổ)
| WAV (Tracks) | 396 MB | Guzheng/Folk/Instrumental | 2007 |

专辑名称:赤壁怀古 24K 御碟

Red Cliff Capriccio 赤壁怀古
01. The Great River Goes East 东流
02. Meditation Of The Battle Of Cliff 怀古
03. Scene Of Red Cliff 赤壁
04. Consolation 江祭
05. Suwu: The Shepherd 苏武牧羊

Waltzing Clouds 云舞
06. Solo Waltzing 独舞
07. Duet Waltzing 双舞
08. Group Waltzing 群舞
09. The Lonely Maid Ballad 独怜谣
10. Prelude To The Dueam Of “Red Chamber” [红楼梦]序曲
11. Beautiful Evening 良宵

Song Of The Mountain 山歌
12. Song Of Love 恋歌
13. Song Of Joy 欢歌
14. Drinking Song 醉歌
15. The Hungry Horse 饿马摇铃

Snowy River 江雪
16. Introduction(emptiness) 散板引子[空]
17. Adagio(perseverance) 行板[气]
18. Allegro (will power) 滚板[力]
19. Fimale(determination) 散板尾声[挣]

Encore Track 加奏:
20. Lover's Tear 情人眼泪

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