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[Guqin/Xiao] Li Xiang-ting (李祥霆) - Collection of Extemporizing Works of Qin and Xiao (2003) [3CD] [FLAC]

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Li Xiang-ting - Collection of Extemporizing Works of Qin and Xiao (2003)
| FLAC+CUE | 821MB | Guqin/Xiao/Traditional Music | Instrumental |

Li Xiang-ting - Inspiration from Poems of Song Dynasty
1.杨柳岸晓风残月 柳永《雨霖铃》(琴箫合奏)
Pale Moon over the Windy Willow Bank
from LIU Yong’s Bells in Rain (Qin & Xiao)
2.小园香径独徘徊 晏殊《浣溪沙》(琴独奏)
Wandering Lonely on a Garden Path
from YAN Shu’s The Gauze-Washing Stream (Qin Solo)
3.误入藕花深处 李清照《如梦令》(琴箫合奏)
Lost in Boundless Lotus
from LI Qingzhao’s Like a Dream (Qin & Xiao)
4.清晨帘幕卷清霜 欧阳修《诉衷肠》(箫演奏)
Curtain Rolling up with Frost in the Morning
from OU Yangxiu’s Pouring Out One’s Heart (Xiao Solo)
5.灯火阑珊处 辛弃疾《青玉案》(琴箫合奏)
Where far from the Lights
from XIN Qiji’s A Jade Desk (Qin & Xiao)
6.斜阳独倚西楼 晏殊《清平乐》(琴独奏)
Lonely on the West Tower with the Setting Sun
from YAN Shu’s Music Peaceful and Tranquil (Qin Solo)
7.垂柳栏杆尽日风 欧阳修《采桑子》(箫演奏)
Willows and Railings in Warm Wind
from OU Yangxiu’s Pick Mulberry (Xiao Solo)
8.雨打梨花深闭门 秦观《鹧鸪天》(琴箫合奏)
Shut the Door Closely When the Rain Drops on Pear Flowers
from QIN Guan’s Francolins in the Sky (Qin & Xiao)
9.新绿小池塘 周邦彦《风流子》(箫演奏)
A Small Pond Where Appearing Soft Green
From ZHOU Bangyan’s One Who’s Refined and Tasteful (Xiao Solo)
10.一棹碧涛春水路 晏几道《清平乐》(琴箫合奏)
Paddling on the Green Spring Water
from YAN Jidao’s Music Peaceful and Tranquil (Qin & Xiao)
11.自在飞花轻似梦 秦观《浣溪沙》(箫演奏)
Flowers Freely Fluttering as in a Dream
from QIN Guan’s The Gauze-Washing Stream (Xiao Solo)
12.起舞弄清影 苏轼《水调歌头》(琴与人声演奏)
Dancing with Elegant Shadow
from SU Shi’s A Short Piece on the Water (Qin & Vocal)

Li Xiang-ting - Inspiration from Yuan Drama (元曲古韵)
01 紫花儿 Violet
02 上小楼 Going Upstairs
03 夜行船 Rowing In The Night
04 沉醉东风 Lost In The East Wind
05 天净沙 Clean Sky
06 点绛唇 Dot The Red Lip
07 满庭芳 Fragrant Garden
08 醉中天 Inebritating In The Midheaven
09 小梁州 Little Liang Town
10 天香引 Fragrance From Heaven
11 水仙子 Daffodil Fairy
12 梅花酒 Plum Flower Wine

Li Xiang-ting - Inspiration from Chinese Poetry (唐人诗意)
01 春风又绿江南岸 Spring Wind Makes The South Bank Of The River Green Again
02 窗含西岭千秋雪 West Hill'S With Heavy Snow Outside The Window
03 卧看云起 Watching The Rising Clouds With Posture In Lying
04 星垂平野阔 Falling Stars And The Wide Plain
05 长河落日圆 Long River With Round Setting Sun
06 天地一沙鸥 Sandbird Between Heaven And Earth
07 野渡无人 Deserted Fetty Without People
08 月是故乡明 The Brighter Moon Of The Mother Land
09 独钓寒江雪 Fishing Alone In Snow
10 孤帆远影碧空尽 A Lonely Boat Is At Distance And The Blue Sky Is Clean

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