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[Guqin] Yang Qing (杨青) - Listen To The Falling Rain On The Mountainside (半山听雨) (2018) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Dec 14, 2023 with 2 Comments
Yang Qing (杨青) - Listen To The Falling Rain On The Mountainside (半山听雨)
| WAV+CUE | 395MB | Guqin, Instrumental | Covers Included | 2018 |
When the trees sway, one knows there is wind; the sound reveals the nature of hearing. Halfway up the mountain, listening to the rain: the sound of raindrops, distinctly perceived and truly seen. Perception awakens, and awakening perceives!

Yang Qing, a renowned guqin player and music educator, was born in August 1951. Currently, he serves as the Vice Chairman of the International Federation of Chinese Musicians, the Executive Vice President, and Secretary-General of the International Guqin Society. He is also the Vice President and Secretary-General of the Chinese National Orchestra Society's Guqin Professional Committee (referred to as the "China Qin Society"). Additionally, Yang Qing holds the position of Vice President in the Chinese Musicians Association's Ethnic Instrumental Music Society, Vice President of the Beijing Instrument Society, and Visiting Research Fellow at the National Studies Institute of Xiamen University. He serves as an advisor in the field of traditional culture for the National Studies Society at Peking University.

Yang Qing has been dedicated to the performance, teaching, and reform of Chinese ethnic plucked instruments in professional artistic groups and national-level ethnic music academic organizations for many years, achieving outstanding results.


01 - 半山听雨 Listen To The Falling Rain On The Mountainside ...5:37
02 - 茶香白云飘 Fragrance of Tea, Drifting White Clouds ...5:29
03 - 春来花自放 Spring Comes, Flowers Bloom on Their Own ...4:13
04 - 花雨一隅 Flower Rain in a Corner ...5:51
05 - 兰香涧 Orchid Fragrance in the Ravine ...3:57
06 - 观山 Guan Shan ...4:52
07 - 问茶 Inquiring About Tea ...4:42
08 - 听云 Listening to the Clouds ...4:32
09 - 琴心合鸣 Harmony of the Qin Heart ...5:24
10 - 夏荷风舞 Summer Lotus Dance in the Wind ...3:57
11 - 秋风醉 Intoxicated by Autumn Wind ...4:52
12 - 归来 Returning Home ...5:01
13 - 山水间 Amidst Mountains and Waters ...3:49

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