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[Instrumental] Series Of Music For Relax - Emotions In Rain (雨中情) (2000) [APE]

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Series Of Music For Relax - Emotions In Rain (雨中情) (2000)
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发行时间: 2000年

01 - Duan Aiai - 雨一直下——二胡(段皑皑) Raining Constantly (Erhu) ...5:14
02 - Shen Er-ning - 无情的雨无情的你——小号(沈尔宁) Heartless Rain, Heartless You (Xiaohao) ...4:17
03 - Shi Lujia - 冬季到台北来看雨——长号(师鲁嘉) View The Rain Of Taipei In Winter (Changhao) ...5:00
04 - Chen Lin - 伤心太平洋——萨克斯(陈林) The Sad Pacific Ocean (Saxophone) ...4:56
05 - Shen Er-ning - 认错——小号(沈尔宁) Trying To Admit My Mistake (Xiaohao) ...5:10
06 - Du Cong - 风中有朵雨做的云——竹笛(杜聪) Raining Clouds In The Wind (Zhudi) ...4:39
07 - Zhao Xiaofeng - 像雾像雨又像风——长笛(赵晓峰) Symphony Of Rain (Changdi) ...4:04
08 - Zhang Tie - 心雨 琵琶——(张铁) Heart Rain (Pipa) ...4:50
09 - Du Cong - 谁的眼泪在飞 ——排箫(杜聪) Whose Tears Are Flying (Pan Flute) ...4:33
10 - Duan Aiai - 大海——二胡(段皑皑) The Sea (Erhu) ...4:35
11 - Zhang Tie - 相思风雨中——琵琶(张铁) Lovesickness In Wind And Rain (Pipa) ...4:33
12 - Shen Er-ning - 请到天涯海角来——小号(沈尔宁) Please Come To The Ends Of The Earth (Xiaohao) ...4:35
13 - Duan Aiai - 慢慢的陪着你走——二胡(段皑皑) Walk Slowly With You (Erhu) ...4:29
14 - Shen Er-ning - 有人告诉我——小号(沈尔宁) Someone Told Me (Xiaohao) ...2:57
15 - Shi Lujia - 相思河畔——长号(师鲁嘉) Riverside Of The Lovesick (Changhao) ...3:38

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