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[Oboe] Zheng Shijie - Romantic Oboe - Love Story (爱情的故事) (2005) [FLAC]

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Zheng Shijie - Romantic Oboe - Love Story (爱情的故事) (2005)
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The Oboe is a family of double reed woodwind musical instruments. The most commonly used variant, the standard oboe, plays in the treble or soprano range. It is made from a wooden tube roughly 65 cm (25½ inches) long, with metal keys, a conical bore and flared bell. Sound is produced by blowing into the reed and vibrating a column of air. The distinctive oboe tone is versatile, and has been described as "bright". When the term oboe is used alone, it is generally taken to mean the standard treble instrument.
The regular oboe first appeared in the mid-17th century, when it was called hautbois. The hautbois quickly spread throughout Europe, including England, where it was called "hautboy", "hoboy", "hautboit", "howboye", and similar variants of the French name. (Wikipedia)

专辑名称:华丽双簧管 《爱情的故事》
I S R C :9787885145033

01 - 烟雾迷住你的眼睛 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes ...03:47
02 - 我心依旧 My Heart Will Go On ...04:36
03 - 今夜庆祝我俩的爱 Tonight I Celebrate My Love ...03:44
04 - 俩心知 You Know Me Know ...04:38
05 - 爱情的故事 Love Story ...02:54
06 - 天堂的泪 Tears In Heaven ...04:16
07 - 雪绒花 Edelweiss ...04:42
08 - 重归苏莲托 Toma A Surrlento ...04:12
09 - 忧愁河上的金桥 Bridge Over Trouble Water ...05:01
10 - 我相信我能飞 I Believe I Can Fly ...05:18
11 - 甜蜜的一天 One Sweet Day ...03:38
12 - 我总梦见你 I Always Dream You ...04:49
13 - 这分明是爱 It Must Have Been Love ...06:41
14 - 我如此爱你 And I Love You So ...03:17

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