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[Guqin/Orchestral] Yang Lining - Three Variations On Plum Blossom (梅花三弄-琴韵管弦) (2005) [APE]

Posted by Trung Tue on Jun 28, 2009 with 3 Comments
Yang Lining - Three Variations On Plum Blossom
Dương Lệ Trữ - Mai Hoa Tam Lộng - Cầm Vận Quản Huyền
| APE+CUE | 297 MB | Guqin/Orchestral/Instrumental | 2005 |

专辑英文名: Three Variations On Plum Blossom
专辑中文名: 梅花三弄-琴韵管弦
艺术家: 杨丽宁
版本: 香港雨果 HRP7231-2
发行时间: 2005年
地区: 大陆
语言: 普通话

01 欸乃 Oars Slapping On The Boat
Ai Nãi
02 阳关三叠 Three Variations Of The Parting At Yangguan
Dương Quan Tam Điệt
03 忆故人 Memories Of An Old Friend
Ức Cố Nhân
04 渔樵问答 A Dialogue Between The Fisherman And The Woodcutter
Ngư Tiều Vấn Đáp
05 潇湘水云 Water And Mist
Tiêu Tương Thủy Vân
06 梅花三弄 Three Variations On Plum Blossom
Mai Hoa Tam Lộng
07 普庵咒 The Mantra Of Pu'an
Phổ Am Chú
08 关山月 The Moon Over The Guanshan Mountain
Quan San Nguyệt
09 平沙落雁 Wild Geese Descending On The Sandbank
Bình Sa Lạc Nhạn

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    1. @Zarbie: Đã úp lại link mới cho album "Yang Lining - Three Variations On Plum Blossom (梅花三弄-琴韵管弦) (2005) [APE]".

  2. Thank u so much !! (>w<) (*.*)