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[New Age, World Music] VA - 2002 Best Of Wind (2002风潮精选大碟) (2003) [APE]

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VA - 2002 Best Of Wind (2002风潮精选大碟)
| APE+CUE | 363MB | New Age, World Music, Instrumental | 2003 |

专辑中文名: 2002风潮精选大碟
专辑英文名: 2002 Best Of Wind
CD编号: SAM-0029
发行时间: 2003年

01. 夜的精灵 Dạ Đích Tinh Linh
Moonlight Festival (from Moonlight Festival)
02. 蛙蛙快乐颂 Oa Oa Khoái Nhạc Tụng
Ode of Joy (from Moonlight Festival)
03. 蝶舞 Điệp Vũ
A Dancing Butterfly (from Dancing Butterflies)
04. 杨柳 Dương Liễu
Willows (from Story)
05. 春天的歌 Xuân Thiên Đích Ca
Spring Glamour (from Frogs' Songs)
06. 青青草原 Thanh Thanh Thảo Nguyên
Green Green Plain (from Orchid Island)
07. 四重溪 Tứ Trọng Khê
Four-forked Stream (from In Love with Hot Springs)
08. 月光边境 Nguyệt Quang Biên Cảnh
Moonlight Frontier (from Moonlight Frontier)
09. 旅行 Lữ Hành
The Trip (from Biung)
10. 伤心民权路 Thương Tâm Dân Quyền Lộ
Tears on Min Chuan Road (from In So Many Words)
11. 天堂 Thiên Đường
Heaven (from A Man at Forty)
12. 天女 Thiên Nữ
Heavenly Ladies (from Mantra of Hope)
13. 梦 Mộng
Old Folks at Home (from Praying)
14. 忘忧 Vong Ưu
Blue Serenity (from Crystal Serenity)
15. 月落西子湖 Nguyệt Lạc Tây Tử Hồ
Moon Falling to West Lake (from Tea Drops)
16. 绿蕉当暑图 Lục Tiêu Đương Thử Đồ
Summer Leaves of Banana (from Colors of Seasons)
17. 近乡情 Cận Hương Tình
Back Home (from Cloudless)
18. 水滴 Thủy Tích
Water Drops (from Flowing Through Time)
19. 元气 Nguyên Khí
Flow (from Chinese Massage for Heart)
20. 夜色如水 Dạ Sắc Như Thủy
Cool Night (from Sleep-for Body and Mind)
21. 功夫 Công Phu
Gong Fu (from Gong Fu)
22. 欢聚歌 Hoan Tụ Ca
Song for a Joyous Meeting (from The Songs of Hlaalua and Kanakanavu)

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