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[New Age] Various Artists - Music Gallery (音乐画廊系列) (1995-2006) (5CD) [APE]

Various Artists - Music Gallery (音乐画廊系列) (1995-2006) (5CD)
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Music Gallery exhibits a dialogue between music and paintings. It also presents a new aesthetic for sounds, which reveals the philosophy of "perceiving music in paintings and seeing pictures in music".

专辑名称: 心灵音乐馆-音乐画廊系列 5CD
专辑艺人: 群星
发行公司: 风潮唱片
发行日期: 1995年-2006年

Producers: Ouyang Qian, Yang Xiu-lan & Hao Han
Composers: Zhang Fu-quan, Shi Zhi-you, Yang Chun-lin
Performers: Jiang Kai, Hu Ai-zhen, Zhao De-rong, Chiang Ke-mei, Dai Ya, Zhang Xiao-hong, Jiang Li-xing, Zhang Qiang, Liu Lin, Beijing Lotus Buddhist Orchestra & The Orchestra of Chinese Oriental Dance Group

TCD-4601 飞天 Flying Devata - Dunhuang (1995)
This collection is based on the paintings of the Caves of Dunhuang. The composers have selected diverse subjects from the paintings, in which they are inspired to trace the visual image with notes, and to depict the implied rhythm of the murals with instruments.
01 - 飞天 Flying Devata ...8:40
02 - 吹笙者 The Sheng Player ...8:27
03 - 双鹦 Two Parrots ...7:48
04 - 伎乐天 Deva-Dancer ...7:32
05 - 迦陵频伽 Kalavinka ...8:00
06 - 钟楼天乐 Celestial Music From Bell Tower ...9:25

TCD-4602 溪山行旅 Treasured Paintings Of Ancient China (1996)
This album is a combination of music and eight selected treasured paintings of ancient China. The talented Chinese composer, Shi Zhi-you, uses traditional Chinese instruments such as the di, xiao, guqin and guzheng to express through music what feelings these beautiful paintings bring to the audience.
01 - 富春山居图 Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains ...5:40
02 - 谿山行旅图 Travelers on a Mountain Path ...8:21
03 - 蜡梅山禽图 Birds on a Blossoming Yellow-plum Tree ...6:02
04 - 千手千眼观世音菩萨 A-Thousand-Eye-and-a-Thousand-Hand Bodhisattva Guan Yin ...7:33
05 - 鹊华秋色 Autumn Colors on the Que and Hua Mountains ...5:25
06 - 华灯侍宴图 An Evening Palace Banquet ...7:07
07 - 早春图 Early Spring ...7:39
08 - 万壑松风图 Whispering Pines in the Mountains ...7:08

TCD-4603 禅画 Zen Landscape (1999)
Music Gallery is a bridge between ancient and modem times; a connection between visual arts and musical enjoyments; a way from burdens to self liberation. The four painter monks are characteristic of peculiar, strong and out-of-the-way expressions to bring forth the infinity of Zen. When the Chinese new music touches you with tranquilizing, brilliant and warm rhythms and colors, you will be dissolved in the musical enlightenment, and once again born in Zen.
01 - 江上垂钓图~髡残 Fishing by the River ...5:41
02 - 河上花图~八大山人 Flowers on the River ...6:09
03 - 诗画册~石涛 Happy for the Rain in the Pavilion ...6:01
04 - 仿董北苑山水图~八大山人 Imitation of DONG Bei-yuan's Landscape ...6:06
05 - 雨余柳色图~弘仁 Willows after Thunder Rain ...6:16
06 - 巢湖图~石涛 Nest Lake ...5:36
07 - 竹石风泉图~弘仁 Bamboo ...4:49
08 - 松岩楼阁图~髡残 Rocks ...4:38

TCD-4604 四季乐色 Colors Of Seasons (2001)
A little bridge, flowing water, the autumn moon, an ancient temple--images of Chinese poetry and painting, nature's sounds and new age music make this album a smooth escapade far from city life. The talented composer Shi Zhi-you merges Chinese paintings with the melodies that touch your soul. In every season you experience different colors and sounds. Making a brush stroke between heaven and earth and singing to accompany the four seasons, you become the painter yourself.
01 - 湖天春色圖 Spring Upon The Lake - Wu Li (吳歷) ...7:05
02 - 芳春雨霽圖 After The Spring Rain - Ma Lin (馬麟) ...5:47
03 - 綠蕉當暑圖 Summer Leaves Of Banana - Du Jin (杜菫) ...6:07
04 - 夏日山居圖 High On The Summer Mountain - Wang Meng (王蒙) ...6:42
05 - 丹楓呦鹿圖 Crying Deer Under The Red Maple Tree - Wu-dai (無款) ...5:02
06 - 月色秋聲圖 Sound Of Autumn, Color Of The Moon - Ma He-zhi (馬和之) ...6:36
07 - 漁村小雪圖 A Little Snow In The Fishing Village - Wang Shen (王詵) ...5:00
08 - 雪景寒林圖 Landscape Of The Snowy Forest - Fan Kuan (范寬) ...5:45

TCD-4605 潇湘烟雨 Riverside Towns, Misty Rain (2006)
In this album, composer Shi Zhi-you, who is popular in Europe, uses a Southern Chinese music style to create a picturesque montage of mountain views and misty river scenes. Using music played with Chinese instruments such as the gu-zheng, the bamboo flute and the pipa, he melds with the painters' minds to create these Southern Chinese atmospheric melodies. From the soaring waves of the Cian-Tang River to peaceful and tranquil hidden eddies, the music brings us to the gentle banks of the riverside towns, filling our hearts with a richness of inspiration and contentment.
01 - 夜月看潮图 Overlooking Mingling Waves in the Moonlight ...7:57
02 - 洞庭秋月图 Autumn Moon at Dong-Ting Lake ...5:57
03 - 湘乡小景图 Portrait of a Xiang Town ...5:17
04 - 潇湘图 Xiao, Xiang Scene ...7:01
05 - 蒲塘秋艳图 Autumn Blossoms at Pu Pond ...6:02
06 - 湖山春晓图 Morning Glory in Spring ...4:43
07 - 湖山一览图 The Luminous Landscape ...7:33
08 - 两江名胜图 Attractions of the Riverside ...4:43

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