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[New Age] Yang Xiu-lan & Ouyang Qian - Flower Music - Plum Blossom (雪梅 Tuyết Mai) (1995) [APE]

Posted by Trung Tue on Jul 11, 2009 with 4 Comments
Yang Xiu-lan & Ouyang Qian - Plum Blossom (雪梅 Tuyết Mai)
| APE+CUE | 245MB | New Age/Instrumental | Wind Music/Taiwan | 1995 |
The plum blossom, characterized by her unyielding spirit and fortitude, is crowned the national flower of China. In this album, the upright spirit of the blossom is transformed into music of sheer texture. The interwoven sounds of nature and various Chinese string and wind instruments depict the crystal beauty of the plum blossom, blooming under the winter moon, by the solitary stream. (Windmusic)

製作人 : 楊秀蘭、歐陽謙
作曲:史志有|演出:詹永明、許菱 ­ 等
发行公司: 风潮唱片

1 世外佳人 - 江梅 Thế Ngoại Giai Nhân - Giang Mai
The Unworldly Beauty (The Wild Plum Blossom)
2 月下仙姝 - 朱砂梅 Nguyệt Hạ Tiên Xu - Chu Sa Mai
Fairy By The Moonlight (The Vermilion Plum Blossom)
3 百花魁 - 绿萼梅 Bách Hoa Khôi - Lục Ngạc Mai
Queen Of The Blossoms (The Green-Sepaled Plum Blossom)
4 国色 - 蜡梅 Quốc Sắc - Lạp Mai
Extreme Beauty (The Yellow Plum Blossom)
5 瞿仙 - 古梅 Cù Tiên - Cổ Mai
Fairy Of Delicacy (The Blossom Of Aged Plum Tree)
6 花底同心 - 鸳鸯梅 Hoa Để Đồng Tâm - Uyên Ương Mai
Twins Lying On One Sepal (The Plum Blossom Couple)

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    1. @Zarbie: Bộ album này gồm 9CD, nó có hết trong bộ 607CD mà bạn vừa úp xong ấy (Tìm bộ 花乐系列 sẽ có à). (^_^)

    2. Ha ha ! Nhiều quá, nghe chưa tới nên không biết ^q^