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[New Age, Piano] Wendi Shi - Collection (2015-2016) (3CD) [MP3/320K]

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Wendi Shi - Collection (2015-2016) (3CD)
| MP3/320Kbps | 242MB | Piano, New Age, Easy Listening, Instrumental |
Wendi Shi is a musician and composer. Her music blends elements from traditional composition with folk songs to create a familiar ambience tinged with ethnic flavors. Wendi compose various genres of music, including New Age, Easy Listening, Instrumental, and Game Audio. Wendi's music has been used in podcasts, tutorials, visual novels, and other interactive media.

As an Eastern girl raised in a Western world, Wendi Shi integrate cultural elements from around the world in her music and artworks. She said: "It's my life's work to express those emotions and feelings that can only be conveyed through music. It's how my spirit takes wing and soars to unfathomable, seemingly unreachable heights. I hope that my music does the same for your spirit, too." (

Wendi Shi - Autumn (2015)
Every song tells a story. My collection of original compositions captures the feel of autumn and evoke a reflective spaciousness to convey both the celebration and solitude that characterize the best of this season.
01 - Autumn ...3:09
02 - Solitude ...3:07
03 - The Journey Home ...3:16
04 - A Chinese Love Story ...4:07
05 - David's Lullaby ...1:45
06 - Hopes and Dreams ...3:16
07 - Nostalgia ...1:48
08 - One Happy Morning ...1:35
09 - Sunflower Field ...2:09
10 - Mystery ...1:11
11 - The Ones That Never Returned ...1:57
12 - Safe and Sound ...3:37

Wendi Shi - Dare To Dream (2016)
"Dare to Dream" blends elements from traditional western composition with eastern folk songs to create a familiar ambience tinged with ethnic flavors. Enjoy the serene, inspiring beauty of these original compositions by Wendi Shi. Grab a cup of tea, light an aromatherapy candle and unwind with these gentle melodies.
01 - Whither Must I Wander ...3:14
02 - Memories ...3:55
03 - Always with Me ...3:24
04 - Blossoming Romance ...3:22
05 - Promise Of a Lifetime ...3:22
06 - Sunset ...3:07
07 - Solitude ...3:03
08 - Autumn ...3:16
09 - Love Grows ...3:01
10 - Moonlit Night ...1:33
11 - Solitude (Orchestral Version) ...3:04
12 - Unfinished Story ...3:22

Wendi Shi - Songs From Distant Lands (2016)
Listen to beautiful fantasy-themed pieces that convey different emotions like happiness, sorrow, nostalgia, romance, and fear. These songs from distant and unknown lands, will take you on an adventure that reminds us that we are all connected through the same emotions. This album uses various instruments and styles, varying from something as traditional as orchestral, to something as upbeat as Hip Hop.
01 - Journey Through the Woods ...3:45
02 - Valentine's Day ...3:06
03 - Snow Dance ...3:22
04 - The Voyage ...3:46
05 - Last Hope ...1:49
06 - Ancient Temple ...2:09
07 - Autumn ...3:12
08 - Endless Love ...4:13
09 - Growing Up ...3:01
10 - The Journey Home ...3:21
11 - Last Snow ...2:12
12 - Under the Moonlight ...1:02
13 - Snow Dance (Hip Hop Version) ...3:22
14 - Sunflower Fields ...2:11
15 - Moving Maze ...1:10

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