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[New Age] Yang Xiu-lan & Ouyang Qian - Flower Music - Chrysanthemum (秋菊 Thu Cúc) (1996) [APE]

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Flower Music - Chrysanthemum (秋菊 Thu Cúc)
| APE+CUE | 227MB | New Age/Instrumental | Wind Music/Taiwan | 1996 |
Fall-blooming chrysanthemums are compared to the soul of autumn in Chinese poetry. The music of the album aims at presenting the flowers' graceful poise and the fine autumn scenery of the countryside. Common traditional Chinese musical instruments such as the erhu, guqin, xiao, pipa, and guzheng are used to sing the beauty of six kinds of chrysanthemums. (Windmusic)

製作人 : 楊秀蘭、歐陽謙
发行公司: 风潮唱片

1 东篱秋色 - 野菊 Đông Li Thu Sắc - Dã Cúc
Wild Beauty By County Fences (Wild Chrysanthemum)
2 幽艳冷香 - 桃花菊 U Diễm Lãnh Hương - Đào Hoa Cúc
Cold And Elegant (Peach-Blossom Chrysanthemum)
3 傲霜枝 - 悬崖菊 Ngạo Sương Chi - Huyền Nhai Cúc
A Beauty From A Distance (Cliff-Like Chrysanthemum)
4 金风玉露 - 二色菊 Kim Phong Ngọc Lộ - Nhị Sắc Cúc
Twin Beauties (Two-Colored Chrysanthemum)
5 月中仙 - 白菊 Nguyệt Trung Tiên - Bạch Cúc
Goddess Of The Moon (White Chrysanthemum)
6 晚香 - 寒菊 Vãn Hương - Hàn Cúc
Nightly Fragrance In The Air (Wintry Chrysanthemum)

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