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[Piano/Easy Listening] Firefly & Peng Jing - It's Summer Time (夏天来了) (2003) [APE]

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Firefly & Peng Jing - It's Summer Time (夏天来了)
| APE+CUE | 209MB | Piano/Easy Listening/Instrumental | 2003 |
Golden showers come and go; watermelons appear, and ice cream-Summer has come! After the hit Days in a Green Hill, the renowned pianist Firefly this time took a trip with his cat companion Freckle to the beautiful Hwalien and Taitung. Trains, sunshine, cicada, and grass are all transformed into piano melodies with heart-lightening nature sounds. Follow this breeze of music, and you are on a trip filled with colorful fragrance, glistering sensibility and childlike joy. (Windmusic)

专辑艺人:萤火虫 Firefly & Peng Jing 彭靖
发行公司: 风潮唱片

1. 夏天来了 It is Summer Time 03:39
2. 含羞草 Sensitive Plants 04:58
3. 星空下的猫头鹰 Owl in the Starry Night 03:31
4. 玫瑰花与露珠 Roses and Dews 03:35
5. 牛车上的阳光 Sunshine on the Ox-Carriage 04:01
6. 银色水流 Silver Flow 03:56
7. 老树鞦韆 A Swing Under the Old Tree 04:35
8. 云海 Sea of Clouds 06:04
9. 雨舞 Rain Dancing 03:02
10. 月亮的脚印 Footprints of the Moon 03:54
11. 晚风 Evening Wind 02:42
12. 铁道之旅 Farwell to the Train 02:55

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