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[New Age/Natural Sound] Wu Judy Chin-tai - Moonlight Festival & Moonlight Program (2001) [2CD] [WAV]

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Wu Judy Chin-tai - Moonlight Festival & Moonlight Program (2001) [2CD]
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In the world of the forest, the spirits of the night sing and dance, celebrate their lives and mother nature's loving bounty. Once again, Golden Award winner Wu Judy Chin-tai leads you to the lucid sounds of Taiwan's natural environment. 10 elegant melodies create 10 different secret spaces that very few travelers have visited. Some nocturnal creatures such as frogs, crickets, squirrels and birds that only sing at night are this album's composers and performers. They invite you to join their festival and become a part of the Night.

专辑中文名: 听见大自然系列 夜的精灵+夜的节目单
艺术家: 吳金黛
發行日期: 2001
吉他 (Guitar): 董運昌 Dong Yun Chang
大提琴 (Violoncello): 范宗沛 Fan Zong Pei
打擊樂 (Percussion): 郭文喜 Guo Wen Xi

CD1 Moonlight Festival (夜的精灵)
01. 向晚_董运昌 Hướng Vãn _ Đổng Vận Xương [0:04:28.60]
Night Falling
02. 夜的精灵_吴金黛 Dạ Đích Tinh Linh _ Ngô Kim Đại [0:03:02.50]
Moonlight Festival
03. 蛙蛙快乐颂 Oa Oa Khoái Nhạc Tụng [0:03:43.17]
Ode of Joy
04. 乡间晚风_李世豪 Hương Gian Vãn Phong _ Lý Thế Hào [0:05:21.73]
Country Wind
05. 对牛弹琴_范宗沛 Đối Ngưu Đạn Cầm _ Phạm Tông Phái [0:04:51.17]
Clumsy Beats
06. 星夜_董运昌 Tinh Dạ _ Đổng Vận Xương [0:07:00.08]
Silver River
07. 小夜曲_林培祯 Tiểu Dạ Khúc _ Lâm Bồi Trinh [0:04:50.00]
Starlight Serenade
08. 秘密部落_傅蓉 Bí Mật Bộ Lạc _ Phó Dong [0:03:45.27]
Secret Tribe
09. 银色山岗_彭靖 Ngân Sắc San Cương _ Bành Tĩnh [0:04:57.35]
Gentle Slope
10. 梦_林海 Mộng _ Lâm Hải [0:07:29.40]
Dreams of Night Spirits

CD2 Moonlight Program (夜的节目单)
01. 向晚 Night Falling
02. 乡间晚风 Country Wind
03. 星夜 Silver River
04. 银色山岗 Gentle Slope
05. 梦 Dreams of Night Spirits

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