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[New Age] Matthew Lien - Orchid Island (倾听·大地的声音) (2010) [FLAC]

Posted by TUE on Sep 9, 2010 with 0 Comments
Matthew Lien (马修·连恩) - Orchid Island (倾听·大地的声音) (2010)
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Matthew Carl Lien (born 10 May 1965 in San Diego, California) is a Yukon, Canada based world music singer-songwriter and producer. His primary lyrical and musical focus is on environmental and cultural themes.

Lien taught himself to play piano when he was 10 years old, and later learned how to record and produce music in high school and afterwards.

He also taught himself to score for contemporary, traditional folk, and classical musicians by asking friends for help and working long hours alone.

He now has a fan base of millions in Taiwan and China, where he is known for his environmental music and his work with aboriginal and traditional cultures.

01 - Spirits Of Orchid Island 野性兰屿 ...2:51
02 - Life Arrives 生命之初 ...3:16
03 - Human Nature 人之天性 ...3:20
04 - The Forest Deep: Darkness Falls 森林物语: 暗夜来临 ...0:51
05 - The Forest Deep: Night Creatures 森林物语: 暗夜生物 ...1:34
06 - The Forest Deep: Daybreak 森林物语: 黎明破晓 ...2:40
07 - Water Taro 水芋之歌 ...4:04
08 - Coastal Life 海岸生命 ...2:37
09 - To Face The Sea 面对大海 ...4:49
10 - Ocean Lullaby 海洋摇篮曲 ...4:12
11 - Modern Day Evils 现代恶灵 ...2:09
12 - Hope Remains 希望尚存 ...2:44
13 - Returning Home 重返家园 ...0:52
14 - Requiem For The Reefs 珊瑚挽歌 ...6:49

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