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[Dizi] Wu Guozhong (伍国忠) - Chinese Bamboo Flute - Di Xiao Yao (笛箫谣) (2011) [APE]

Posted by TUE on Oct 30, 2011 with 2 Comments
Wu Guozhong (伍国忠) - Chinese Bamboo Flute - Di Xiao Yao (笛箫谣)
| APE+CUE | 241 MB | Dizi, Folk, Instrumental | Covers | 2011 |

专辑中文名: 笛箫谣 HQCD
艺术家: 伍国忠

01 - 铁血丹心 Iron Blood And Loyal Heart ...4:09
Thiết Huyết Đan Tâm
02 - 念亲恩 The Great Love Of Parents ...3:48
Niệm Thân Ân
03 - 沧海一声笑 A Laugh On The Blue Sea ...3:52
Thương Hải Nhất Thanh Tiếu
04 - 传奇 Legend ...4:28
Truyền Kì
05 - 原野牧歌 The Pastoral Song ...3:42
Nguyên Dã Mục Ca
06 - 红豆 Red Bean ...4:16
Hồng Đậu
07 - 倩女幽魂 Qian Nu You Hun (A Chinese Ghost Story) ...3:44
Thiến Nữ U Hồn
08 - 彩云追月 Colourful Clouds Chasing The Moon ...3:30
Thải Vân Truy Nguyệt
09 - 忆江南 Memories of The South ...3:04
Ức Giang Nam
10 - 我爱你塞北的雪 I Love You, Snow at the Northern Frontiers ...3:50
Ngã Ái Nễ Tắc Bắc Tuyết
11 - 月满西楼 Full Moon On The West Attic ...4:13
Nguyệt Mãn Tây Lâu
12 - 枉凝眉 Vain Longing (Wang Ning Mei) ...3:33
Uổng Ngưng My

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