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[Violin/Classical] Zhang Yi (张毅) - Fall In Love Awhile Hear (一听钟情) (2005-2007) (3CD) [WAV]

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Zhang Yi - Fall In Love Awhile Hear (一听钟情) (2005-2007) (3CD)
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专辑名称:一听钟情 3CD

Vol.1 - Fall In Love Awhile Hear (2005)
01. 胭脂扣 - The Sad Love Story
02. 童話 - The Fairy Tales
03. 最後一夜 - Last Night
04. 微風細雨 - Drizzle In Wind
05. 永遠 - Forever
06. 戀人啊 - Lover
07. 兩隻蝴蝶 - Two Butterflies
08. 在水一方 - Separated By The River
09. 別說我的眼淚你無所謂 - Don’t Pretend You Don’t Care About Me
10. 兩邊 - Two Sides
11. 火花 - The Firework
12. 紅豆 - Jequirity
13. 相思河畔 - By The River Side

Vol.2 - Fall In Love Awhile Hear (2007)
01. 辛德勒名單 - Schindler’s List
02. 教父主題曲 - Godfather Theme
03. 下雨的時候 - Sometimes When It Rains
04. 天鵝之舞 - Dance Of Swan
05. 天空之城 - The City Of Sky
06. 新娘嫁人新郎不是我 - The Bride Gets Married But The Bridegroom Is Not Me
07. 陽光照耀著塔什庫爾幹 - The Sunlight Is Shining On Tashikuergan
08. 漁舟唱晚 - Singing At The Fishing Boat In The Evening
09. 荷花頌 - Praises The Lotus
10. 葬心 - Bury The Heart
11. 冬戀 - The Love In The Winter
12. 可愛的一朵玫瑰花 - A Lovable Rose
13. 欢颜 Joy

Vol.3 - Fall In Love Awhile Hear (2007)
01.三套车 - Three Carriages
02.遥远的小渔村 - Faraway Little Fishing Village
03.燕子 - Swallow
04.明日(幽灵公主插曲) - Tomorrow
05.快乐女战士 - Happy Female Champion
06.江河水 - River
07.情人的眼泪 - Lover's Tears
08.秋水伊人 - Autumn Water And Nice Lady
09.天路 - Road To Paradise
10.同一首歌 - The Same Song
11.西湖春 - Spring Of West Take
12.美丽的姑娘 - Beautiful Girl
13.月光小夜曲 - Moonlight Serenade

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