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[New Age] Various Artists - Nature Music (大自然音樂系列) (2010) (3CD) [APE]

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Various Artists - Nature Music (大自然音樂系列) (2010) [3CD]
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CD 漫步在山裡 Walking On The Mountain Paths
1 這一方河畔青青 Along The Riverside
2 漫步在山裡 Walking On The Mountain Paths
3 山嵐曼舞的夢裡 Dancing Mists In My Dream
4 山夜的沉靜 Silence In The Night
5 森林鐵路的傳奇 The Railways Of The Forests
6 晨間露滴 Beads Of The Morning Dew
7 星光律動 The Shining Stars
8 日出雲海 The Rising Sun And Sea Of Clouds
9 森林芬多精 The Greenshower
10 晨霧 In The Misty Morning

CD 看山看水去 Let's Visit The Lands And Waters
1 浪漫的海灣 Romantic Bay
2 螢光點點 Dotted Fireflies
3 看雲去 Go To See The Clouds
4 雲山之戀 The Amor Of Clouds and Mountains
5 你還好嗎? How Are You?
6 盡情的搖吧! Swing It!
7 心動的感覺 When Love Comes
8 滑過卵石的溪澗水 Streams Above Cobbles
9 一抹白雲輕拂 A Touch Of White Cloud
10 踏青去 Let′s Go Spring Outing
11 竹林小憩 Relax Amid Bamboos
12 楓葉情 Glamour Of Maples

CD 聽見向日葵的微笑 Hear The Sunflower's Smile
1 心靈曙光 The Dawn Of Mind
2 當蝴蝶飛過 Butterflies flying
3 Say Goodbye 看見彩虹 Say Goodbye See The Rainbow
4 聽見向日葵的微笑 Hear The Sunflower′s Smile
5 聽見夏天 Hear The Summer
6 幸福的顏色 The Color Of Happiness
7 暖歌 Warm Song
8 秋晨窗思 Miss You In The Autumn Morning
9 在相約的那個路口 The Intersection We Agree
10 白開水的滋味 The Taste Of Water
11 向自己說晚安 Say Goodnight To Myself
12 永不放棄 Never Give Up

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Various Artists - Nature Music (大自然音樂系列) (2010) [3CD] [APE]
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