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[Crystal Music/New Age] VA - Sound Of The Crystal Energy (水晶‧宇宙能量之音) (2009) [8CD] [WAV]

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VA - Sound Of The Crystal Energy [8CD
| WAV+CUE | 1.21 GB | Crystal Music/New Age/Instrumental | 2009 |
"This series of music have been clinically tested by Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Richard Po-Hsien Wang, ND, with advanced scientific apparatuses, and in the test, it was proven that after listening to the music for about 10-15 minutes, through the resonating wavelengths of the music, one’s physical and spiritual pressures are released, and energy revitalized and adjusted to improved condition". (WindMusic)

專輯中文名: 养生放松系列-水晶‧宇宙能量之音
專輯英文名: Sound Of The Crystal Energy
發行時間: 2009年12月29日
Producer: Man-xuan Xu (許嫚烜)
Crystal Piano: Xu Man Heng (許嫚姮)
Violin: Li Qi (李琪)
Cello: Fan Zong Pei (范宗沛)
Flute: Nie Lin (聶琳)
Oboe: Xie Wan Zhen (謝宛臻)
Female Vocal: Li Yun Ling (李昀陵)
Guitar: Dong Yun Chang (董運昌)
Nature Sound: Wu Jin Dai/Sun Qing Song (吴金黛/孙清松)

The Journey of Purification - Water & Fire [2CD]
(SD-2011 淨化之旅-水.火)
It all begins with purification. Regardless of physical, spiritual or spatial, it all must be cleansed and purified, in order to receive good energy. “The Journey of Purification” combines crystal music with two of the purest elements in the universe, water and fire, and they come to form the transmission of purification waves.
1. Heart of Water
2. Dance of Fire

The Dance of Vigor - Sky & Thunder [2CD]
(SD-2012 能量之舞-天.雷)
Energy is the indicator of vital activities, and when energy is exhausted, we could reconnect with the cosmic force through music and meditation. As we recharge, a brand new energy field is constructed to allow for better self protection. “The Dance of Vigor” connects with the powerful forces of the sky and thunder with crystal music. Amidst the resonance, the body and spirit are able to be strengthened and enriched.
1. Light of the Sky
2. Roaring Thunders

The Sound Of Activation - Wind & Swamp [2CD]
(SD-2013 活化之音-風.澤)
Activation is the basis for physical and spiritual health and also for the elevation of the mind. When thoughts are in a state of frigidness and entanglement, it would put a hold to life, making it stagnate and lifeless. Through the movement of the wind and the gentleness and reflective power of the pond water, we are able to be activated with good circulation. “The Sound of Activation” transmits the energy flows of the wind and pond through the music of the crystal. The energy of the body and the spirit is able to become softened and activated in the resonance, and confidence and awareness levels are heightened.
1. Wind's Game
2. Cloud Swamp

The Heart Of Blessing - Mountain & Earth [2CD]
(SD-2014 祝福之心-山.地)
Love and blessing are the ultimate forces that could bring life back to the universal origin and to become one with nature; they also come to be feng shui’s highest state. When our hearts are filled with love and blessing, we would then possess the most blissful and beautiful spiritual feng shui. “The Heart of Blessing” transmits the energies of the mountain and earth through crystal music, and allows for the love in the heart to be firm like the mountain and vast like the earth. It is then transformed into boundless blessings to be shared with all things in the universe.
1. Words of the Mountain
2. Love of the Earth

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