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[Buddhist Music] Yao Siting (姚斯婷) - Miao Tan Hua Yu (妙昙花雨) (2015) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Oct 18, 2016 with 0 Comments
Yao Siting - Miao Tan Hua Yu (2015)
Diêu Tư Đình (姚斯婷) - Diệu Đàm Hoa Vũ (妙昙花雨)
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Yao Si Ting, whose Chinese name is 姚斯婷, is a renowned Chinese singer known for her melodious and soothing voice. She was born on June 19, 1983, in Guangzhou, China. Yao Si Ting gained international recognition and popularity for her cover versions of well-known English and Chinese songs.

Yao Si Ting's music career took off when her cover of the song "Betrayal" (背叛) by the Taiwanese singer Anson Hu went viral on the internet. Her rendition of this emotionally charged ballad struck a chord with many listeners, leading to her becoming widely known as the "Internet Singing Sensation."

She continued to build on her success by releasing numerous cover songs in various languages, including English, Chinese, and other languages. Her clear, crystalline voice and emotional interpretations of these songs endeared her to a global fan base.

Yao Si Ting's music transcends language barriers, and her enchanting renditions of both classic and contemporary songs have won the hearts of music lovers around the world. Her work has garnered millions of views on video-sharing platforms, making her a prominent figure in the international music scene.

Though she gained fame for her covers, Yao Si Ting has also released original music throughout her career, showcasing her talent as a versatile artist. Her contributions to the music industry have left a lasting impact, and she remains a beloved figure in the world of music.


01 - 赞佛偈 Praise To Buddha ...5:49
Tán Phật Kệ
02 - 发菩提心真言 Fa Pu Ti Xin Zhen Yan ...5:52
Phát Bồ Đề Tâm Chân Ngôn
03 - 禅月 Chan Yue ...5:14
Thiền Nguyệt
04 - 弥陀心印 Mi Tuo Xin Yin ...4:51
Di Đà Tâm Ấn
05 - 大悲咒心咒 The Great Compassion Mantra ...8:06
Đại Bi Chú Tâm Chú
06 - 缘起 Yuan Qi ...7:13
Duyên Khởi
07 - 四无量心 Si Wu Liang Xin ...5:35
Tứ Vô Lượng Tâm
08 - 地藏菩萨灭定业真言 Ksitigarbha's Karma Eliminating Mantra ...4:56
Địa Tạng Bồ Tát Diệt Định Nghiệp Chân Ngôn
09 - 绿度母心咒 Green Tara Mantra ...5:21
Lục Độ Mẫu Tâm Chú
10 - 云在青天水在瓶 The Cloud Is In The Sky, The Water Is In The Jar ...3:50
Vân Tại Thanh Thiên Thủy Tại Bình

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