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[New Age] Giovanni Marradi - Sleeping Music, Calming Music, Relaxing Music (2011) (12CD) [WAV]

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Giovanni Marradi - Music for Relaxing, Sleeping and Calming (2011) (12CD)
| WAV+CUE | 4.69GB | New Age, Natural Sound, Piano, Instrumental | Covers |
Giovanni Marradi, born of Italian heritage, is a composer, pianist, recording artist, arranger, performer, inventor and cartoonist. Giovanni began playing piano at age five, and was sent to study composition and technique with Michael Cheskinoff at the Russian Conservatory.

Giovanni is one of the most successful expressionist pianists of the 21st Century. One hundred twenty thousand CDs sold in one 120 minute segment on QVC! A record that still stands as one of Giovanni’s outstanding achievements. Selling millions of CD’ s during his appearances on QVC and The Home Shopping Network and over ten million CD’s worldwide. (

减压音乐篇 Sleeping Music
CD1 甜蜜梦乡 Sweet Dreams
01.印第安那人的视野 Indian Vision
02.美丽的艾弗萨斯 Beautiful Ephesus
04.爱尔兰故事Irish Tales
05.新的罗曼史A New Romance
06.排箫之梦Pan's Dream
07.白日梦 Day Dream
08.唐吉诃德的梦El sueno de Don Quijote
09.永恒的梦想 Perpetual Dream
10.天堂景 Pictures Of Paradise
11.秋风 Autumn Wind
12.12.绿色爱尔兰 Irish Greens
13.爱的曲调 Melody Of Love
13.14.牧羊人之 Shepherds Dream
15.通往阿法龙之路 The Way To Avalon

CD2 悠悠晚风 Gentle Evening Breeze
01.静谧 Silence
02.岛上的阳光 Sun Over Island
03.金色的蝴蝶 The Golden Butterfly
04.飞越大海 West Across The Ocean
05.雨中的吻 Kissing In The Rain
06.秋天的爱 Autumn Love
07.风中之烛 Candle In The Wind
08.非洲的风 African Winds
09.宁静的山谷 Peace In Our Valley
10.又一个晚上 One More Night
12.也许明天 May Be Tomorrow
13.天堂的羽翼Birds Of Paradise
14.和平的大自然 Peaceful Nature
15.不平凡的夜晚 Una Notte Speciale

CD3 月色朦胧 Hazy Moonlight
01.卡坦卡的安静 Silence Of Katanga
02.暗夜私 Whisper In The Dark
03.在空中 In The Air
04.伦敦德里上空的月亮 Moon Over Londonderry
05.恒星时 Siderial Hour
06.挂在彩虹上的星星 Stars Over The Rainbow
07.新星 A New Star
08.夜空星辰 The Stars Above
09.雾中晨露 The Foggy Dew
10.孤独 Sad And Alone
11.夜莺之歌 Song Of The Nightingale
12.帕特里克 Croagh Patrick
13.爱尔兰王国 Kingdom Of Ireland
14.星桥 Bridge To The Stars
15.夜鹰 Spirit Of The Nighthawk

CD4 星空之恋 Love In Starry Sky
01.季节 Seasons
02.远离地球 Far From The Earth
03.最后的独角兽 The Last Unicorn
04.地上的天堂 Heaven On Earth
05.银鸟 Silver Bird
06.玉米墙 Cornwall
07.奥阿的和平 Peace Of Oa
08.久远的光芒 The Ancient Light
09.卡迪兹的灯塔 Pharos Of Cardiz
10.也许 Maybe Sometime
11.波光粼粼 The Sun In The Stream
12.开罗上空的月亮 Moon Over Cairo
13.让我看到天堂 Show Me Heaven
14.我们 Noi
15.圣母颂 Ave Maria
16.我的小精灵 My Little Soul

减压音乐篇 Relaxing Music
CD5 生命如歌 Life Is Just Like A Song
01.爱的喜悦Plasir D'amour
02.美妙的清晨Beautiful Morning
03.爱尔兰的玫瑰Irish Roses
06.情歌Love Song
07.新的浪漫史A New Romance
08.多么奇妙的世界What A Wonderful World
09.再见,亲爱的Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye
10.我相信你I Believe In You
12.祝你好运Good Luck
13.生活的镜子The Mirror Of Life
14.埃尼之恋Love Of Aine
15.当我离开古巴时Cuando sali de Cuba
16.我心依旧My Heart Will Go On

CD6 悠闲时刻 Leisurely Moment
01.音槌 Air Mallet
02.云中散步 Walk On The Clouds
03.新的开始 A New Beginning
04.七个海洋 Seven Seas
05.基督的精神Holy Spirit
06.最伟大的爱 The Greatest Love
07.银色山谷 Silver Valley
08.我相信我能飞 I Believe I Can Fly
09.忧愁河上的金桥 Bridge Over Troubled Waters
10.等在这里 Right Here Waiting
11.咖啡厅 At The Cappuchino Bar
12.宇宙主题 Theme Of Universe
13.神秘的绿岛 Mysterious Greenland
14.群岛 Archipelago
15.米科诺的风 The Wind Of Mykonos

CD7 乡间迷情 Countryside Reveries
01.奇迹的大地The Land Called Fantasia
02.荣耀的土地Land Of Glory
03.尼默的精神王国Nimue's Realm Of Spirits
05.崭新的一天A New Day
08.美洲豹的眼睛Jaguar's Eyes
09.苏格兰群山Scottish Hills
10.卡雷塔拉La Caretera
11.真理之河The River Of Truth
12.孤独的牧羊人Einsamer Hirte
14.在风中起舞Blowing In The Wind
15.高原民谣Ballad Of The Highlands

CD8 心灵花园 Spiritual Garden
01.矢志不渝Forever In Faith
02.我的爱My Love
03.爱的瞬间Moments Of Love
04.在洁白的小山上Over The White Hills
05.为了你For Your Eyes Only
06.爱的力量The Power Of Love
07.奇妙的早晨Wonderful Morning
08.爱的天地Planet Of Love
11.给和平一个机会Give Peace A Chance
12.圣洁的精神Holy Spirit
13.告诉他Tell Him
14.天使的眼睛 Angel Eyes
15.再见,亲爱的Ciao, Amore, Ciao

安神音乐篇 Calming Music
CD9 寂静的夜 Silent Night
01.夜花 Night Flower
02.永恒 Timeless
03.越过海洋Across The Ocean Sea
04.再见 Sayonara
05.卡雷里亚 Karelia
06.离别时分 Moment of Goodbye
07.永远 Viva Forever
08.妈妈 Mama
09.爱的秘密Secrets Of Love
10.伏罗Il Volo
11.红衣女郎Lady in Red
12.微笑Just A Little Smile
13.木头心Wooden Heart
14.悲伤和孤独Sad And Alone
15.天使在人间Angel On Earth

CD10 似水流云 Scudding Clouds
01.维纳斯的镜子 Mirror Of Venus
02.极乐岛 Paradise Island
03.涅瓦河畔 On The Shore Of The Neva
04.杰西 Jessie
05.去恩卡亚的路 Long Way To "Nka Ea"
06.我挚爱的罗马 Roma My Love
07.大桥的守卫者 Guardians Of The Bridge
08.古诗 Ancient Poem
09.但愿你在这里 Wish You Were There
10.月亮河 Moon River
11.英雄的心 The Heart Of A Hero
12.白昼The Daylight
13.爱是我的世界Love Is My World
14.神话 Fairytales
15.卡里梅拉.康亚 Karemera Kanya

CD11 天籁之谧 Tranquility In Sounds Of Nature
01.蓝天 Blue Sky
02.线 Wire
03.叶落时分 When Leaves Are Falling
04.浪花 Waves
05.拯救地球 Heal The Worl
06.生活方式 Way Of Life
07.深蓝的海 The Deep Blue Sea
08.玛莉 Marie
09.云端 Beyond The Clouds
10.我们的意大利 Un'Estate Italiana
11.爱情的出路 Love Will Find A Way
12.马雅人的足迹 On The Maya's Trace
13.天堂的征服 Conquest Of Paradise
14.地平线外 Behind The Horizon
15.海浪之声Sound Of The Waves
16.终结 End Of Eternit

CD12 如沐春风 Spring Breeze
01.春天 Springtime
02.夏天的感觉 Summer Feelings
03.塞伦盖蒂的日出 Sunrise Over Serenget
04.奥西罗,巴依卡尔 Ozero Baykal
05.雷杨河岸的钟 The Bell Of Raylan Shore
06.我的太阳 O Sole Mio
07.第一次共舞 Our First Dance
08.蒙特佐马之歌 El canto de Montezuma
09.最后的独角兽The Last Unicorn
10.在那边 Somewhere Out There
11.永生 Who Wants To Live Forever
12.北极星 Pole Star
13.鲁迪主题 Rudi's Theme
14.太阳的背面 Dark Side Of The Sun
15.布拉尼城堡 Blarney Castle
16.天使的微笑 Smile Of An Ange

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