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[Violin] Zhang Yi (张毅) - Dong Fang Xian Yun (东方弦韵) (2011) [WAV]

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Zhang Yi (张毅) - Dong Fang Xian Yun (东方弦韵) (2011)
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专辑名称:东方弦韵 DSD

01 - 因为爱情 Because Of Love ...3:58
02 - 套马杆 Horse Pole ...4:31
03 - 雨花石 The Yuhua Stone (Rain Flower Stone) ...4:14
04 - 春天里 In Spring ...3:59
05 - 烟花三月 The March Of Floral Spring ...4:34
06 - 我来到西藏 I Came To Tibet ...3:44
07 - 桃花谣 Ballad Of Peach Blossom ...4:17
08 - 阿尔斯楞的眼睛 Eyes Of Arlslum ...4:01
09 - 乌兰巴托之夜 The Night Of Ulan Bator ...4:10
10 - 草原夜色美 Beautiful Night On Grassland ...3:54
Bonus Tracks (Zhang Yi & Wei Wei):
11 - 流星下的愿 Liu Xing Xia De Yuan ...4:27
12 - 童话 Fairy Tale ...4:25
13 - 美丽的神话 The Beautiful Myth ...4:55

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