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[Instrumental] Various Artists - Nature - Melody Songs - Qin Yu (达人艺典 琴语) (2020) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Dec 13, 2023 with 0 Comments
Various Artists - Nature - Melody Songs - Qin Yu (达人艺典 琴语) (2020)
| WAV+CUE | 268MB | Ruan, Guzheng, Guqin, Sanxian, Instrumental | Covers Included |
In China's "The Book Of Songs (诗经)," there is a phrase that goes, "If words are not enough, then sing." The German poet Heinrich Heine also once said, "The end of language is the beginning of music." Titled "Qin Yu," meaning "Language of the Qin," the name implies expressing emotions that words and text cannot reach through the sound of the qin (a traditional Chinese musical instrument). During the selection of pieces, Professor Zhang Chunyi suggested using familiar melodies for rearrangement, and the chosen instruments for performance were four highly expressive Chinese plucked instruments: "ruan," "zheng," "guqin," and "sanxian."

The seamless integration of traditional ethnic instruments and the natural sounds collected from the wilderness creates a harmonious blend. Listening to the boundless sounds of nature and the rhythmic flow of music, contrasting the fluctuations of sound and the circulation of charm in the extremes of loud and soft tones. Here, you can experience the powerful and transient thunderous bass, the bird songs without any auditory pressure, the ever-changing sound of the wind, the raindrops falling on the roof, the cicadas singing in the alleyways, and the vast waves of the Qiantang River along with the gentle flow of water in the West Lake mountains. All of this is recreated in your home's high-fidelity system, forming a completely new sonic and visual experience.

专辑名称:达人艺典 《琴语》

01 - 阮.天高云淡·飞鸟 Ruan - Tian Gao Yun Dan - Fei Niao ...5:07
02 - 古筝.不染·骤雨 Guzheng - Bu Ran - Zou Yu ...3:12
03 - 古琴.雾里看花·春雨 Guqin - Wu Li Kan Hua - Chun Yu ...4:48
04 - 古筝.贝加尔湖畔·涟漪 Guzheng - Bei Jia Er Hu Pan - Lian Yi ...3:27
05 - 阮.Wonderful Tonight·暖春 Ruan - Wonderful Tonight - Nuan Chun ...4:27
06 - 古琴.左手指月·观潮 Guqin - Zuo Shou Zhi Yue - Guan Chao ...3:22
07 - 古筝.出水莲·夏夜 Guzheng - Chu Shui Lian - Xia Ye ...5:33
08 - 三弦.探清水河·市井 Sanxian - Tan Qing Shui He - Shi Jing ...2:32
09 - 古琴.孔雀东南飞·荒夜 Guqin - Kong Que Dong Nan Fei - Huang Ye ...4:49
10 - 阮.加州旅馆·纯净版 Ruan - Jia Zhou Lu Guan - Chun Jing Ban ...4:03

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