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[Guitar] Yoshio Kimura - DENON Hi-Fi Acoustic Guitar - Best Collection (2007) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Oct 9, 2009 with 1 Comments
Yoshio Kimura - DENON Hi-Fi Acoustic Guitar - Best Collection
| WAV+CUE | 746MB | Audiophile/Guitar/Instrumental | Japan | 2007 |

1. 哀愁海峽 Melanhcoly Channel [04:09]
2. なみだ 戀 Tears Of Love [03:24]
3. 小島通いの郵便船 Mail Boat To The Small Island [03:59]
4. 裡町人生 Life On The Dark Side [03:27]
5. 螢 Firefly [04:57]
6. 流轉 Flux [03:19]
7. 酒よ Oh The Sake [04:51]
8. からたち日記 The Diary [05:00]
9. 鳳仙花 Touch Me Not (Balsam) [03:58]
10. ふたり酒 Sake For Two [04:01]
11. かよい船 Commuting Ship [03:44]
12. 女の階級 Class Of Women [03:20]
13. 倖せさがして Looking For Happiness [03:59]
14. 勘太郎月夜唄 Kanto's Song Of The Moon Night [02:46]
15. 酒ごころ Heart Of Sake [03:08]
16. 旅笠道中 Road Of Journey [03:21]
17. 酒は淚か溜息か Is Sake For Tears Or For Sighs [03:04]
18. ひばりの佐渡情話 Hibari's Stories Of Affairs In Sado [03:22]
19. 氷雨 Ice Rain [04:05]

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  1. (in romaji)
    01. Aishu Kaikyo
    02. Namidakoi
    03. Kojimagayoi no Yubinsen
    04. Uramachi Jinsei
    05. Hotaru
    06. Ruten
    07. Sake yo
    08. Karatachi Nikki
    09. Hosenka
    10. Futarizake
    11. Kayoibune
    12. Onna no Kaikyo
    13. Shiawase Sagashite
    14. Kantarozukiyo Uta
    15. Sakegokoro
    16. Tabigasa Dochu
    17. Sake wa Namida ka Tameiki ka
    18. Hibari no Sado Jowa
    19. Hisame