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[Pipa] Fang Jinlong & Ma Jiuyue - Music And The Book Of Songs (音乐·诗经) (2021) [WAV]

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Fang Jinlong & Ma Jiuyue - Music And The Book Of Songs (音乐·诗经) (2021)
| WAV+CUE | 350MB | Pipa, Folk Instrumental Music | Covers Included |
| Label: Shandong Qilu Audio Visual Publishing Co., Ltd. |
Fang Jinlong, born in 1963 in Anqing, Anhui Province, is indeed a renowned pipa player and a master of various musical instruments. With a musical career spanning over four decades, he has become a leading figure in contemporary pipa performance, particularly with the five-string pipa. Fang Jinlong's expertise extends to around 300 other musical instruments, showcasing his versatile and extensive musical talents.

His influence goes beyond borders, as he has performed in nearly 50 countries and collaborated with both domestic and international symphony orchestras. Fang Jinlong's innovative approach to playing style and performance types has not only earned him acclaim but also attracted a younger audience, contributing to the increased popularity of folk music.

After countless calls and a decade in the making, fulfilling a commitment made ten years ago, the collaboration between Tianyi Records and Fang Jinlong has finally come to fruition. The idea to create a representative album featuring Fang Jinlong's mastery of the five-stringed pipa emerged a decade ago. As time passed, a fortuitous encounter between Fang Jinlong and Ma Jiuyue led to a consensus: to embark on the creation of an original Chinese music album. After three years of creative efforts, "Music · Shi Jing" is set to be released.

Ma Jiuyue, serving as the composer and producer, and Fang Jinlong, playing the contemporary five-stringed pipa, have joined forces in crafting this original Chinese music piece with the "Music And The Book Of Songs" as its theme. This collaboration, orchestrated by two of China's top traditional music masters, is poised to be a vibrant stroke in the canvas of contemporary Chinese music. The album "Music And The Book Of Songs" includes ten tracks that blend tradition with innovation, each showcasing the excellence of traditional Chinese music and the invigorating vitality of the new.

专辑名称:音乐·诗经 [头版限量HQII]
专辑艺人:马久越作品 方锦龙琵琶

01 - 琼瑶 Qiong Yao ...4:57
02 - 玄鸟 Xuan Niao ...4:49
03 - 硕人 Shuo Ren ...5:08
04 - 关雎 Guan Ju ...5:14
05 - 子衿 Zi Jin ...3:33
06 - 嘉鱼 Ja Yu ...5:23
07 - 琴瑟 Qin Se ...5:48
08 - 蒹葭 Jian Jia ...4:12
09 - 桃夭 Tao Yao ...4:22
10 - 燕燕 Swallows ...5:01

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