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[New Age] VA - Eastern Way Of Slow Living (东方慢活 Đông Phương Mạn Hoạt) (2006) [4CD] [APE]

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VA - Eastern Way Of Slow Living (东方慢活)(2006)
| APE (Tracks) | 1.32 GB | New Age/Instrumental | Wind Music Records |

製作人 : 歐陽謙、楊秀蘭、康喬、王旭東
唱片编号: CB-114

CD1 - Go Slow In Breathing (慢呼吸 Mạn Hô Hấp)
Breathe like a cloud. A cloud looks still but it moves-very slowly, in the timeless Sky. 8 Eastern New Age hit melodies here will help you breathe like a white cloud in a golden autumn day,weightless and effortless,changing its shapes...
01.山林传说(Legend of Mountain)
02.庄周梦蝶(Chuang Chou Dreaming a Butterfly)
03.游子(Starting the Journey)
04.天地灵气(Spirit of Heaven & Earth)
06.元亨利真(The Grand Genesis)
07.夜风(The Night Wind)

CD2 - Go Slow In Tea (慢品茶 Mạn Phẩm Trà)
Tea tasting is a typical Chinese way of slow living. It is an art of doing nothing so you enjoy everything in Nature.
01.从来佳著似佳人(Good Tea as Pretty Lady)
02.清香满山月(Tragrance in Mountain & Moon)
04.珠兰大方(Prarl-orchid Ta-fang Tea)
05.轻如云彩(Light as Rosy Clouds)
06.一碗和香吸碧霞(Tea Tasting at Sunset)
07.湘江茶歌(Tea Song of the Xiang River)
10.香飘云间(Cloud-fog Tea)

CD3 - Go Slow In Flowers (慢寻花 Mạn Tầm Hoa)
Live like a flower. A flower doesn't go hasty or worry, and so shan't you. 7 hit flower-melodies will bring you to the garden where you know how to meet your lover, to blossom in richest colors.
01.国香(Fragrance of the Country)
02.世外佳人(The Unworldly Beauty)
04.凌波仙子(Dancing Fairy)
06.三月桃花(Peach Blossom)
07.东离秋色(Wild Beauty By Country Fences)

CD4 - Go Slow In Paintings (慢赏画 Mạn Thưởng Họa)
Let a painting lead you to a vision where landscapes can be heard and music can be seen. 10 hit melodies, 10 Chinese classic paintings will take you to this state of mind, this slow meditation...
01.夜月看潮圆(Waves Seeing in the Moon Night)
02.富春山居图(Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains)
03.湖天春色图(Spring Upon the Lake)
04.腊梅山禽图(Birds On a Blossoming Yellow-plum Tree)
05.江上垂钓图(Fishing by the River)
06.谷山行旅图(Travelers on a Mountain Path)
07.飞天(Flying Devata)
08.绿蕉当暑图(Summer Leaves of Banana)
09.潇湘图(Image of Xiao-xiang River)
10.河上花图(Flowers on the River)

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