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[Dizi] Wu Guo Zhong - Guo Se Di Xiang (国色笛香 Quốc Sắc Địch Hương) (2008) [APE]

Posted by TUE on Mar 23, 2009 with 3 Comments
Wu Guo Zhong - Guo Se Di Xiang
Ngũ Quốc Trung (伍国忠) - Quốc Sắc Địch Hương (国色笛香)
| APE+CUE | 340 MB | Dizi, Instrumental | 2008 |

专辑中文名: 国色笛香
艺术家: 伍国忠 (箫、笛)
发行时间: 2008年01月09日

01 神香 The Parfum Of The God
02 天边 The Horizon
03 达古拉 Dagula
04 枉凝眉 Love Comes To Nothing
05 月光下的凤尾竹 The Phoenix Tail Bamboo Under The Moonlight
06 月亮升起来 The Moon Rises
07 吐鲁番的姑娘 Turpan
08 小河淌水 Small River Flows
09 香格里拉 Shangri-La
10 阿瓦人民唱新歌 A Wa People’s New Song
11 有一个美丽的地方 A Beautiful Place
12 请你尝块哈蜜瓜 Please Have A Cantaloup
13 神奇的九寨 The Miraculous Jiuzhaigou

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