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[New Age, Smooth Jazz] Various Artists - Herbal Life (2003-2010) (4CD) [APE]

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Various Artists - Herbal Life (2003-2010) (4CD)
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TCD-6301 - Herbal Life - Rose Love (拥抱.爱.玫瑰) (2003)
01 花语 Flower Language
02 是名..爱 A Rose is a Rose is a Rose
03 以玫瑰之名 In the Name of Roses
04 在雷诺瓦花园 In Renoir's Garden
05 双手的温柔 Tender Hands
06 晨采 Flower Plucking
07 小王子的玫瑰 The Little Prince's Rose
08 园艺诗歌 Grow Like a Rose
09 幸福的泉 Dews of Bliss
10 私的浴 Aura of Roses

TCD-6302 - Herbal Life - Moonlight Lavender (月光.薰衣草) (2004)
An album of healing music to go with auromatherapy! Now lavender's magical power can be even stronger when you enjoy the ten melodies created by various talented musicians such as Cin-cin Lee, Zong-pei Fan, Yun-chang Dong, etc. Inspired by lavender's fragrance and its purple flower-sea, the musicians explore its poetic nature with cello, guitar, piano and other instruments. If you like lavender, this is a new alchemy of scents and music that you must try!
01 普罗旺斯的山居 Living by the Hills
02 散步的裙摆 A Walk in the Field
03 在那遥远的地方 A Place Faraway
04 关於幸福 The Smell of Happiness
05 舞 Dancing
06 紫的触键 Purple Touch
07 田园轻爵士 Pastoral Jazz
08 追忆似水年华 Remembrance of Things Past
09 微风的香气 Fragrance in the Breeze
10 月光河 Moonlight River

TCD-6303 - Herbal Life - Bossa Sweet Orange (阳光.舞.甜橙) (2005)
01 阳光舞甜橙 Bossa Sweet Orange 
02 桔色 Tangerine Bossa 
03 心的旅程 Fresh Trip 
04 卡拉布列亚的阳光 Sunshine of Calabria
05 一棵名叫恋爱的树 The Tree Called Love 
06 光合作用 Photosynthesis
07 甜蜜橙恋 Sweet Orange Love
08 柠檬气泡水 Lemon Soda Water
09 慢活情调 Nice & Slow
10 微笑里的秘密 Secrets within Smiles

TCD-6304 - Herbal Life - Bonjour, Cosmos (日安.波斯菊) (2010)
01. 欢舞 Joyous Dance
02. 日安波斯菊 Bonjour, Cosmos
03. 金色花铃 Golden Flower Bells
04. 花漾曼波 Flower Mambo
05. 黄波斯的呢喃 The Murmur of the Yellow Cosmos
06. 微笑的风 Smiling Wind
07. 飞翔 Flying
08. 艳阳路 Bright, Sunny Road
09. 微醺Jazz - Slightly Intoxicated Jazz
10. 蔚蓝自由 Azure Freedom

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