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[Erhu] Chen Jia-kun - Infatuated For You (你是一段特别的留白) (2005) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Aug 21, 2009 with 3 Comments
Chen Jia-kun - Infatuated For You (你是一段特别的留白) (2005)
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01 - 陪我走过四季的春风 The Spring Breeze That Walks Me Through The Four Seasons ...7:59
02 - 你是一段特别的留白 Infatuated For You ...10:14
03 - 假装你一直没有离开 Like You Had Never Left ...8:28
04 - 值得等待的船 A Ship Worth Waiting For ...8:04
05 - 弦弓的思念 Longing Of The Chord ...6:59
06 - 梦里的秋千 The Swing In The Dream ...9:24
07 - 谁在红尘里等待 Who Is Waiting In The World Of Mortals ...4:59
08 - 醉成午夜独舞的弦 The Chord, Drunk And Dancing Solo At Midnight ...4:30

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