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[Violin, Orchestral] Cindy Chen - Poetry Of Violin - Eden 2 (伊甸园2) (2016) [WAV]

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Cindy Chen - Poetry Of Violin - Eden 2 (伊甸园2) (2016)
| WAV+CUE | 459MB | Violin, Orchestral, Instrumental | Full Covers |
Adhering to the unique Chinese ethnic style and high-quality audiophile characteristics of the Eden Series, Eden II will once again transcend imagination and offer exceptional taste! The subtle strings caress lotus flowers, inviting geese with graceful melodies. Majestic footsteps, swaying melodies, and resonant vocals are dedicated to her, lingering in the half-space of Eden. A glimpse of a beautiful melody, like a bird of paradise, flies from the picturesque land, traversing the Silk Road, crossing grasslands, touring Jiangnan, skimming over the Five Finger Mountain, searching for songs from the sky, seeking the intoxication of Maira, seeking the father's grassland, and the mother's river...

The silhouette of twelve Chinese-style compositions outlines the mountains, rivers, and human landscapes of the motherland. New and old melodies from all corners of the country are poured into this album, capturing the deep affection and profound love within the circulating melodies.

The production team of this album, reunited after fifteen years, features the violin as the lead instrument. It brings not only high-quality and melodious notes but also the reflections on life. Through the dialogue between the flute and the violin, we sense the composer Mr. Liang Jun's contemplation of life. The interweaving of vocals and the violin reveals the music director Mr. Han Chengguang's dedication to ideals. The orchestration and the violin's play depict the burning passion of violinist Ms. Chen Ronghui (Cindy Chen) along the artistic corridor!

The grand symphonic techniques penned by composer Ms. Luo Huiqi express her deep admiration for the reunion on this music album: "The companions of the past have already excelled in talent and broad-mindedness. Rekindling the spirit of the traditional revolution is today's consensus. Although I am old, I cherish this opportunity. Duty-bound like an old horse neighing in the wind." Winter has passed, spring has come, and Eden opens its arms to innocence once again. We warmly anticipate everyone entering the poetic and picturesque world of music with this album.

专辑名称:如诗如画小提琴-伊甸园2 HQⅡ
专辑艺人:陈蓉晖(Cindy Chen)

01 - 牧歌天上来 Heavenly Pastoral ...5:38
02 - 呼伦贝尔大草原 Hulunbuir Grassland ...4:40
03 - 醉吻江南 Zui Wen Jiangnan ...4:33
04 - 阿妹,喂 Hey, Sister ...4:52
05 - 玛依拉变奏 Variations on Maila ...3:55
06 - 图瓦的传说 Legend of Tuva ...5:58
07 - 诗画丝路 Poetry and Painting Along the Silk Road ...4:48
08 - 父亲的草原母亲的河 Father's Prairie, Mother's River ...5:26
09 - 鸿雁 Wild Geese ...5:25
10 - 莲花·弦语 Lotus, String Language ...4:41
11 - 五指山恋曲 Love Song of Wuzhishan ...5:50
12 - 我爱你中国 I Love You, China ...4:48

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Cindy Chen - Poetry Of Violin - Eden (伊甸园) (2016) [WAV]
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