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[Guzheng] Cao Yanli (曹滟莉) - Cantonese Classics (粤语经典) (2023) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Nov 23, 2023 with 3 Comments
Cao Yanli (曹滟莉) - Cantonese Classics (粤语经典) (2023)
| WAV+CUE | 364MB | Guzheng, Instrumental | Label: Fenglin Music | Covers |
The guzheng is not only skilled at expressing beautiful and lyrical melodies but also capable of conveying majestic and powerful compositions. Its exquisite sound quality varies, sometimes resonating with an ancient and deep tone, sometimes clear and serene, sometimes broad and grand, stirring the heart and soul, and at times delicate and soothing, refreshing the spirit. The guzheng album "Cantonese Classics" is aptly named as it collects classic Cantonese pieces performed by the young guzheng virtuoso Cao Yanli. In Cao Yanli's performance, there is grandeur concealed within the subtleties and strength hidden behind the grace. Music transcends language and borders, and the same melody can evoke different emotional resonances in different listeners. For example, a song like "Qian Qian Que Ge" might be heard as "Qian Qian Que Ge" by some, while others might perceive it as "Song of the Setting Sun" or "The Song of the Evening Sun." Perhaps this is the additional charm that music brings. Listening to the lingering sound of the guzheng, it can evoke feelings of parting sorrow or joy, and all of these emotions transform into a tender sentiment that lingers...

Cao Yanli is a young guzheng performer, recipient of the Wenhua Award, and a master's student in guzheng with a full scholarship at the Xinghai Conservatory of Music. She currently serves as a lecturer at the Guangdong Arts and Culture Vocational College, Vice Chairman of the Guzheng Professional Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Academy of Fine Arts, and an examiner for the Guangdong Musicians Association's Social Art Level Examination.

专辑名称:曹滟莉 粤语经典 BSCD

01 - 不装饰你的梦 Don't Decorate Your Dream ...4:02
02 - 似是故人来 Like An Old Friend Arrives ...4:13
03 - 笑看风云 Face The Wind And Cloud With A Smile ...4:25
04 - 梨涡浅笑 The Dimpled Smile ...4:07
05 - 无奈 Helpless ...4:02
06 - 风的季节 Season Of The Wind ...3:55
07 - 浪子心声 Aspirations Of Libertine ...3:34
08 - 顺流逆流 Downstream And Upstream ...4:19
09 - 每一步 Each Step ...4:20
10 - 千千阙歌 There Is Only You In My Heart (Thousands Of Songs) ...4:48
11 - 旧梦不须记 Old Dream Shouldn't Be Remembered ...3:43
12 - 漫步人生路 Rambling My Way Of Life ...3:42
13 - 一水隔天涯 Each In A Different Corner Of The World ...3:07

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