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[Guzheng] Various Artists - Sincerity Of Zheng (箏情流露 Tranh Tình Lưu Lộ) (2009) [APE]

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Various Artists - Sincerity Of Zheng (箏情流露 Tranh Tình Lưu Lộ) (2009)
| APE (Tracks) | 310MB | Guzheng, Erhu, Cello, Instrumental |

专辑中文名: 心灵乐赏系列 箏情流露
發行公司: 亞洲唱片 Asia Records/Taiwan
片編號: 28003
發行年份: 2009年

01. 琴箏和鳴 Ensemble of Zithers & Strings (4:32)
02. 離愁 Departure Sadness (3:54)
03. 啼鳥識花情 Tweet thy Blossoms (4:40)
04. 追憶淚雨 Tears Recall (5:08)
05. 笑語相呼 Salute in Smiles (3:46)
06. 流水落花 Stream that Runs & Blossom that Shatters (4:53)
07. 山雨初晴 Sky's Clearing up after the Mountain Rain (4:41)
08. 山居自樂 Fun Life Amongst Mountains (4:04)
09. 相思苦 Bitter Yearns (3:11)
10. 西風暮雨 West Breeze in a Raining Dusk (3:56)
11. 松林清音Clear Tune in Pinewood (5:11)
12. 梧葉月影 Moon Shadows upon Buttonwood Leaves (4:51)

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