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[Folk, Instrumental] VA - Favorite Chinese Instrumentals - Shi Zhu Guan Xian (丝竹管弦) (2001) [WAV]

Posted by TUE on Feb 13, 2009 with 0 Comments
Favorite Chinese Instrumentals - Shi Zhu Guan Xian (丝竹管弦) (2001)
| WAV (Tracks+Cue) | 485MB | Erhu, Pipa, Xiao, Piano, Folk | Covers |

发行公司: 一听钟情 FIM

01 - 大浪淘沙 Đại Lãng Đào Sa
Like Wave Against The Sand (Pipa solo with ensemble)
02 - 渔舟唱晚 Ngư Chu Xướng Vãn
Fisherman Singing The Night Song (Zheng solo)
03 - 夜深沉 Dạ Thâm Trầm
Night (Percussion ensemble)
04 - 草原牧歌 Thảo Nguyên Mục Ca
Love Song Of The Grassland (Tung hsiao with ensemble)
05 - 鸭子拌嘴 Ducks Quacking (Percussion ensemble)
06 - 花节缘 Hoa Tiết Duyên
Love At The Fair (Erhu solo with ensemble)
07 - 渔歌 Ngư Ca
The Fishing Song (Bawoo solo with ensemble)
08 - 喜相逢 Hỉ Tương Phùng
Happy Reunion (Xylophone solo ensemble)
09 - 功夫 Công Phu
Chinese Martial Art (Ensemble)
10 - 江河水 Giang Hà Thủy
River Of Sorrow (Erhu solo with ensemble)
11 - 湘地民歌 Tương Địa Dân Ca
Spenpadei Folksong (Yung qin solo with ensemble)
12 - 汉宫秋月 Hán Cung Thu Nguyệt
Autumn Moon Over The Han Palace (Erhu solo ensemble)
13 - 春江花月夜 Xuân Giang Hoa Nguyệt Dạ
Moonlight Over the Flowery River In Spring (Ensemble)
14 - 阳关三叠 Dương Quan Tam Điệp
Variation On Yang City Tune
15 - 关山月 Quan San Nguyệt
Moon Over Guan Shan (Ensemble)

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