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[New Age, Meditative] Various Artists - Chinese Tea Music (1993-2006) (12CD) [APE]

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Various Artists - Chinese Tea Music (1993-2006) (12CD)
| APE+CUE | 2.92 GB | New Age, Meditative, Instrumental | Wind Music |
In these collections, music is used to convey the diverse characteristics of tea and flowers to listeners. The composers blend the different features of Chinese instruments such as the paixiao, gaohu, guzheng and pipa with sound of nature to create a vivid representation of new age music. They forge a new direction for Chinese new age music which is worthy of exploration.

Ouyang Qian & Yang Xiu-Lan - Tea -1993
Drinking tea has developed into a form of art in Chinese culture. In this album, the composer makes the best use of different characteristics of musical instruments, including Pai-Hsiao (blowed instrument), Gao-Hu (bowed instrument), Ku-cheng (plucked instrument), Pi-Pa (plucked instrument), alto Sheng (blowed instrument), etc., and combines peculiarities of local music to describe different tastes of tea and views in different regions. While listening to the music, the listener could make a mental travel to the tea plantation, as if the had enjoyed the unique flavor of different tea.
1.Long-jing Tea, in Xihu (the West Lake)
2.Phoenix-daffodil Tea, in Kwangtung
3.Milk Tea, in Mongolia
4.Butter Tea, in Tibet
5.Bi-luo-chun Tea, in Tungting
6.Dong-ding Tea, in Taiwan
7.Spring Tea, in Fukien
8.Gong-fu Black Tea, in the Southern Fukien

Ouyang Qian & Yang Xiu-Lan - Tea Travel - 1994
As a blending art, tea is evolved into an abundant image by mixing fragrance of the earth, magnificence of mountains and rivers, moisture of rain and dew, and cultural temper.
In this edition, the composers depict exquisitely tastes of tea and scenes of tea plantations in different areas by applying various features of musical instruments, such as Flute, Panhu, Kucheng, Lute, Sheng, alto Juan, and alto Sona, and combining local musical qualities with sounds of nature.
1.Cloud-fog Tea, in Mt. Lu
2.The Buddha's Tea, in Mt. Puto
3.San-p'ao Tai Tea, in Kansu
4.Mao-chien Tea, in Hsinyang
5.Wrapped Tea, in Taiwan
6.Uigur Green Tea, in Sinkiang
7.Mao-feng Tea, in Hwang Shan
8.Omei Flower Tea, in Mt. Omei

Ouyang Qian & Yang Xiu-Lan - Tea With Flower Fragrance - 1993
Flower Tea incorporates tea with flowers: tea invites the fragrance of flowers, and flowers augment the flavor of tea. Both virtues compliment each other. In this edition, the musician composes for different features of tea and associate the music with sounds of nature, such as the flowing of streams, chirps of insects and birds, and the beating of waves. Listening to the music, the listener may enjoy himself in the world blending flowers with tea.
1.Pearl-orchid Ta-fang Tea
2.Plum-blossom Ch'imen Red Tea
3.Lotus Chen-mei Tea
4.Taitai Mao-chien Tea
5.Rose Green Tea
6.Osmanthus Lungching Tea
7.Jasmine Yin-hao Tea
8.Magnolia Cloud-fog Tea
9.Gardenia Puto Tea
10.Chrysanthemum Puerh Tea

Ouyang Qian & Yang Xiu-Lan - Oolong Tea - 1994
Of all kinds of tea, Oolong can be considered the most fascinating. It is famous worldwide and especially well-known as 'green leaves with red hems', because the verges of the green leaves turn slightly red after infusion. Oolong possesses the mild smell and flower fragrance of green tea, as well as the mellow and rich flavor of black tea. The background of this music collection is based on the characteristics of eight kinds of Oolong, which are well-known around the world. Through the composers' fine musical directions, the guzheng, gaohu, paixiao, erhu, and other musical instruments all exhibit their unique characteristics.
6.Da-hong-pao (Big Red Robe)
8.Bai-ji-guan (White Cockscomb)

Ouyang Qian & Yang Xiu-Lan - Tea & Pot - 1995
The artistry of teapots is an important part of the tea-drinking culture in China. A fine teapot is considered a piece of art. 'Tea & Pot' introduces 8 kinds of famous Chinese teapots through melodies performed by the Chinese instruments. Dexterously, the composers, Zhang Fu-quan and Hao Han bring the tea-loving people to a new musical experience around the teapot world.
1.Light as Rosy Clouds - The Chicken Head Pot
2.Starry Sky - The Da-bing Pot
3.Carefree Dreamer - The Sleeping Old Man Pot
4.Verdant Message -The Bamboo Cluster Pot
5.World of Transparence - The Polychrome Enamel Pot
6.Taste of Rurality - The Pumpkin Pot
7.Older Allure - The Gnarled Pot
8.Tiny and Dainty - The Meng-chen Pot

Ouyang Qian & Yang Xiu-Lan - Chinese Tea Ballads - 1996
This album is a collection of modern Chinese musicians' adaptations of traditional ballads. Under these talented composers' arrangement, and with instrumental music of the erhu, pipa, guzheng, and di added, the melodies of the tea plucker's simple field singing are now enlivened and modified to suit sophisticated modern listeners without losing its original meaning of celebrating beauty of nature.
1.Tea Song of the Xiang River
2.Dance Music about Tea Plucking
3.Tea Song of Shu Mountain
4.A Tea Ballad
5.Tea Song of Dongting Lake
6.Tea Plucking Girls
7.A Tea Party beside Xihu Lake
8.A Tea Picker's Dream

Ouyang Qian & Yang Xiu-Lan - An Invitation to Tea - 1998
This is a century-old story. A poor boy wanted to lease a piece of farmland from a landowner. They struck up a deal and signed a contract. The contract: The boy had to provide tea and a place to rest for people who traveled past the farmland. And this became a tradition. So there it was. Rain or shine. A cup of tea awaited all, ready to warm them up with a caring heart. Now listen to this caring story with our album. Every note tells of an embedded affection. You may smell the aroma of tea in the melody, feeling for yourself the sweet taste of tea and the tender caring heart. Relish it while having a cup of tea.
1.Have a Cup of Tea
3.A Maid's Mind
4.Love of the Past
5.Innocent Times
6.Remembrances of Home
8.Over the Water

Various Artists - Cha Tao: The Way of Tea 1996
In Chinese culture there is a great tradition concerning tea. This tradition may be introduced with the two words: Cha Tao, the way of tea. The philosophy about Cha Tao aims to encourage people to return to nature. In other words, it is a pursuit of all that is pure and simple. Popular traditional musical instruments, such as the guzheng, erhu, and di, suffuse three instrumental pieces with Chinese classical flavor. The harmonious atmosphere created by these pieces of music possesses simple and peaceful qualities.
Producer: REN Yun
Composers: WU Ai-guo, ZHOU Shu-xiong & ZHANG Hong-xiang
Performers: WANG Lei, WENG Zhen-fa, LUO Shou-cheng, LUO JING, ZHANG Bo-zhong, PING Zhi-cheng, ZHOU Tao, SHEN Yong-gang , WANG Peng-xiang, ZHANG Xi-lun & LU Jin-hu, etc.
Vocals: JIANG Yan-yan & LI

Various Artists - Drunk in Tea - 2000
This is an album about tea, wandering and nostalgia. As a wanderer of the world, the musicians deliver a special cup of tea that smells of milk, roses, woman and Home for you. Breaking all the rules, the composer bring playful and colorful surprises to you with multi-cultural elements such as Tibetan children rhyme, Shang-hai and Yun-nan folk songs, etc. You can really 'drink' the music fused with new age, jazz, funk and rock & roll, and get drunk in the universal nostalgia we all feel in our hearts. Have a taste of it, and you may find it your cup of tea.
1.Drunk in Tea
2.The Darker
3.The More Beautiful
4.Please Have Tea
5.Little Sheep
6.This is My Hand
7.Blue Cape
8.Dance the Peacock
9.I am a Piece of Cloud
Producer: Ouyang Quan & Yang Xiu-lan
Composers: Pin Yuan & Hou Mu-ren Performers: Lee Guan-lu, Zhang Xiao-hong, Zhang Qiang & Yu Hong-mei
Artists: Ouyang Qian , Yang Xiu-Lan

Zhang Wei-liang - Tea Drops - 2001
Come, have a cup of tea. Contemplate the tea's emerald green, drink the beautiful scenes and feel the rhythm of the Chinese flute accompanied with other Chinese instruments such as dulcimer, pipa. In this album, Chinese things (tea), scenes (West Lake), music and poetry are merged beautifully, expressing the essence of the Chinese humanistic way of life. Enjoy the picture of the tea's steaming vapor merging into the rain's mist, moonlight reflecting upon a cup of tea, and alluring songs coming out of nowhere--they are all music of the master flute player Zhang Wei-liang. You will know drinking tea is not just a sensory enjoyment, but also a typical Chinese aesthetic experience that will cleanse your mind and elevate your heart.
1.Moon Falling to West Lake
2.Rain and Tea
3.Listen to the Spring
4.Tea Beauties
5.Temple Dream
6.Green Fragrance
7.Waves of Willows
8.Rain Talking
Producer: Zhang Wei-liang
Composer: Zhang Wei-liang. di:Zhang Wei-liang, pipa:Dong Nan, guzheng:Wu Xiao-hong

Zhang Wei-liang - Poetics of Tea - 2004
1.Fragrance of Water
2.Fine Tea Is Like a Beauty
3.Scents of Colors
4.Forgot to speak
5.Flying Rain
6.Icy Flesh and Jade Bones
7.Remembrance of a Dream
8.Yesterdays and Todays

Zhang Wei-liang - Taste Zen in Tea - 2002
1.Essence of the Green
2.River of Fragrance
3.Intoxicating Colors of Tea
4.Drunken is the Bone, Awaken is the Soul
5.Both are Forgotten
6.Taste Zen in Tea
7.As Free as the Clouds
8.No nothing at all
Producer: Zhang Wei-liang
Сomposed: Zhang Wei-liang arranged: Zhang Wei-liang sequencing: Zhang Wei-liang

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