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[New Age/World Music] VA - Pacific Moon - Samurai Collection I-II (侍) (2004-2005) [2CD] [APE]

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VA - Pacific Moon - Samurai Collection I-II (侍) (2004-2005) [2CD]
| APE+CUE | 660 MB | New Age/World/Instrumental | Full Covers |
From Japan, with its SAMURAI culture - a culture of a distinct spirit and philosophy - comes music expressive of the Japanese sense of aesthetics. This compilation album by PACIFIC MOON features a rich assortment of traditional musical instruments from Japan. Thundering taiko drums, sweeping shakuhachi flutes, rhythmic Buddhist chants, and meditative koto harp...
Enter the passionate and mystical realm of the SAMURAI.

2004 - Samurai Collection I (侍)
1. Uttara Kuru - Wings of the Eagle (5:39)
2. Kiyoshi Yoshida - Rising Sun (4:07)
3. Uttara Kuru - Winter Dance (4:46)
4. Uttara Kuru - First Image (2:18)
5. Kiyoshi Yoshida - Flowers (5:27)
6. Kiyoshi Yoshida - The Lucky Spirit (4:47)
7. Uttara Kuru - Neyuki (5:27)
8. Kiyoshi Yoshida - Forest (0:58)
9. Uttara Kuru - Tsugaru (6:48)
10. Kiyoshi Yoshida - Midare Uchi (2:34)
11. Eri Sugai - Konjaku Monogatari (6:03)
12. Uttara Kuru - Wooden Ship (4:29)

2005 - Samurai Collection II (侍II)
1. Legend Of The Ocean - Kiyoshi Yoshida
2. D.N.A. - Bonten
3. Hiten - Bonten
4. Our Life - Uttara Kuru
5. Cherry Blossom - Kiyoshi Yoshida
6. Wazawai (わざわい)- Kiyoshi Yoshida
7. Silver Moon - Naoyuki Onda
8. Mad Spider's Web - Kiyoshi Yoshida
9. Another Day - Kiyoshi Yoshida
10. Flowers, Birds, Winds & Moon - Uttara Kuru
11. Duel - Kiyoshi Yoshida
12. Path - Mizuyo Komiya

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