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[Erhu/Folk] Teresa Wong - Modern Tang Allures (摩登大唐) (2007) [APE]

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Teresa Wong - Modern Tang Allures (摩登大唐)
Vương Hiểu Nam - Ma Đăng Đại Đường
| APE+CUE | 319 MB | Erhu/Folk | Instrumental | 2007 |
Teresa Wong (Wong Hiu-nam, 王曉南) is a traditional Chinese Huqin (Erhu) player, originating from Hong Kong. She started her training at the age of six and studied at the Central Music Academy. She joined the China Central Orchestra after graduation and has performed with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. She has been called the 'Vanessa-Mae of erhu'.

Her music is very similar to the likes of artists such as 12 Girls Band or Vanessa Mae. Her musical technique draws from the Huqin family of instruments used in the Tang Dynasty (618AD - 907AD in China).

专辑中文名: 摩登大唐
专辑英文名: Modern Tang Allures
艺术家: 王晓南(二胡)
音乐类型: 民乐
发行时间: 2007年07月22日

01.  迷藏 Mí Cáng [0:05:14.32]
Mê Tàng
02.  裙摆摇滚 Qún Bǎi Yáo Gǔn [0:03:18.40]
Quần Bãi Diêu Cổn
03.  丝路天使 Sī Lù Tiān Shǐ [0:07:17.61]
Ti Lộ Thiên Sử
04.  摇摆唐朝 Yáo Bǎi Táng Cháo [0:04:04.01]
Diêu Bãi Đường Triều
05.  殷殷盼 Yīn Yīn Pàn [0:05:04.17]
Ân Ân Phán
06.  摩登大唐 Mó Dēng Dà Táng [0:05:06.07]
Ma Đăng Đại Đường
07.  一斛珠 Yī Hú Zhū [0:05:38.19]
Nhất Hộc Châu
08.  欢乐踏歌 Huān Lè Tà Gē [0:04:45.08]
Hoan Lạc Đạp Ca
09.  胡舞乱旋 Hú Wǔ Luàn Xuán [0:05:21.02]
Hồ Vũ Loạn Toàn
10.  天地一双飞 Tiān Dì Yī Shuāng Fēi [0:06:57.66]
Thiên Địa Nhất Song Phi

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